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Tour of Borneo 2013 – Hopefully they organize better this year

I still remember their inaugural first ever Tour of Borneo last year 2012. It was held on 1st of May, Labour Day holiday. I did not know why they held the event in the city center for their last stage. In which they have to close almost all major roads in the city center. That leads to bad traffic jams in and out the city center.

That leads to travelers, tourist and locals cannot do business properly inside the business district. The major issues that time were with the tourist who has to catch flights back to their hometown. With the bad traffic jams, a lot of tourist stranded in the traffic and missed their flights. Not a good impression to Sabah’s tourism industry and the chief organizing committee.


After a year, hopefully the organizing committee learned the hard lesson of organizing a better event of cycling this year. Tour of Borneo, this time around they held away from the city center, covering just the west coast of Sabah.

The second edition of the Tour of Borneo, a UCI2.2 status race, will be centered around the picturesque capital city of Kota Kinabalu and will be taking the peloton to new destinations not covered in last year’s race, like Kota Belud, Tuaran, Penampang, Tambunan, Putatan, Papar and Beaufort. Riders will face a grueling climb in Stage 4 from Kota Kinabalu up to Kundasang.


  • UCI 2.2 status race
  • 5 stages
  • From 18-22 August
  • 20 teams
  • Covers 690 km total distance
  • Held over west coast of Sabah
  • Prize:


I did realized that cycling is becoming quite popular here in Sabah since the last couple of years. Almost every night I could see few groups of cyclist had their night cycle around the city center. Will be joining them soon.