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Mt. Kinabalu fundraising climb for Cyclone Nargis survivors

I received an email from Patrick again this morning. He sent me one before, asking about some issues on Kinabalu climbing with his children. This time he was asking us a favor – to donate to his fund raising climb – for survivors of Cyclone Nargis which hit Burma few months back.

I am glad and thankful to God that we don’t have that kind of disaster here in Sabah. I think that it is good that I could channel that blessings to blog about those who needed help to continue their life. Maybe that’s the least that I could do.

He will be climbing Kinabalu with 3 11-years old kid on 1st of August, 2008.

Hi there friends! Hope you are keeping well 🙂

Well, 2 days till off to Malaysia and – the reason for emailing you – my climb with my kids up MOUNT KINABALU, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really looking forward to it, the kids rather less so, think its finally dawned on them it might be quite hard work, hehe…

To help with the motivation / bring some ‘higher purpose’ to it, we are asking for sponsorship in aid of the Burmese children who were affected by the floods in May, many many of whom are still at great risk of death, mainly through poisoned water due to decomposing corpses. In case you assume the situation must be sorted by now, I’ve included a link to a recent article…

So, here’s the link. I used it myself to sponsor someone, its secure and easy to use.

Some of you haven’t heard from us for quite a while – whether or not you decide to respond to our request for support we do hope you will write back and let us know how’s things with you.

Many thanks,

For Patrick and his children – Good luck on the climb!