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Mount Kinabalu Kotal-Bowen Route & Western Plateau of Kinabalu Expedition

I wrote about Eastern Plateau of Kinabalu route 5 years ago – Kotal Route and Bowen Route with very limited resources. Those days, I have to really to extensive research about these expedition route or unbeaten path of Kinabalu because they are really not as famous and as commercialize as The Summit Trail and Mesilau Trail. I also have a very limited photos on the route as it was difficult to find climbers/trekkers who like to share their photos on the net.

This morning I received an email pointing me to a Youtube video of a group of Mount Kinabalu hardcore climbers who produced a very good video on their expedition.

Eddie Lim YatYuen said;

On the route: This route is the most amazing route I have hiked in Malaysia so far. Starting from the Nepenthes trail where one gets to see the Nepenthes rajah and villosa, it goes through different forest types at different elevations. This route is untouched, unspoiled and rich in biodiversity. Different types of orchids can be found growing throughout the entire route.
Of all, the Bowen route is the most technical and difficult section of the route. This is also the section where it involved the biggest risk. The descent involved climbing down several vertical sections using long ladders and ropes. Moreover, one has to abseil down huge slabs and gaps using ropes and carefully guides oneself through rocky edges.

On Gurkha Hut: One would easily missed Gurkha hut for a gigantic rock or some insignificant structure when viewed from Low’s peak if no one points it out or more often than not, the place would be covered in fog. As this hut is not promoted anywhere, therefore information regarding this magnificent alpine hut is relatively unknown to the outsiders. However, set in the western plateau and surrounded by different jagged peaks, this alpine hut is probably one of the closest places to heaven in Malaysia one can find. This hut also acts as a safety retreat from the ever-changing weather of Mount Kinabalu.

It’s a really long journey, but I think it was really worth it! Enjoy.

Can Sabah Parks be more embarrassing?

Hahaha. I sounded that I am always looking for Sutera Sanctuary Lodges and Sabah Parks embarrassing moment since the beginning this year. Well, maybe I am. But I don’t think that I am the one and only person who did it.

Today, I found another good article by a couple of Mount Kinabalu climbers, Matt & Joanne Stamplis, who climbed the Western Plateau of Mount Kinabalu, spend some times in Gurkha Hut, summit the South Peak & standing on the edge of Low’s Gully. A very long and nice write-up, I must say.

However, when I arrived at about 3/4 of their post, I was a bit dissapointed when I saw what they wrote. Not to them, but to our Malaysian government when it comes to the management of the mountain.

Yeah… It is always like that on Kinabalu: Climbers praise the mountain so much, but at the same time, very dissappointed with the management. I am just not sure how long this issue will be the thorn in the flesh of Kinabalu. Click to enlarge.

You may be able to read their post here:

Or this screenshot from their part 1:

You can get it here: Borneo Part 1 (Mt Kinabalu)

If you are a hardcore climbers from anywhere around the world, their write-up is one of a very good basis for you to get the most of Kinabalu’s Western Plateau.

Good Luck!