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Mt. Kinabalu Summit Trail Map – using Inkscape

As most of you know, I am an Open Source supporter. Although I don’t know how to write code for software and application, I know how to get involve with the community – by using their software. It’s free, I don’t have to go to Center Point 3rd floor where I used to go, looking for pirated software, and I also contribute back to their community by sending them bugs. I think you should do the same too.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to create a very simple and basic graphic illustration of Mt. Kinabalu Summit Trail Map, using one of the best open source software for creating vector graphic – Inkscape. If you find out that the license for Adobe Illustrator might squeeze your pocket even more after the fuel price hike, then this is your choice. Just download their installation package and get your things running in few minutes.

Learning curve? Not as steep as I expected. I just learned the differences between 3 major photo and graphic extension (jpg, gif and png) for any of my works. By knowing the differences, you will then know how to optimize your photos and illustration in your blog for aesthetic purposes.

After getting some elbow grease (or maybe mouse-and-index-finger movement), I roughly made up a rough sketches of the Summit Trail of Kinabalu. But still, the information on the shelters (pondok), the huts and the peaks are correct.

I know, the illustration looks like very simple. I agree with you that any school children who are taught to use Inkscape will do better than me. But it is better than nothing. Now I don’t have to worry about getting graphic illustrator for the book. I just to learn smarter to create more attractive graphic like the one below…

Well, at least it’s a good start to visualize things that you could do in the future. It makes you work hard towards your goal.