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Kinabalu climbing booking is up and running again!

Good news for all Kinabalu climbers! I managed to get hold of one tour operator that could help me handle the enormous booking request that I received from all over the world. It has been about 6 months since I last stopped the services due to some technical issue, but today, I resume servicing again.

I have also updated some few things in the booking page (like omitted the pricing and cost) and clean up the database of client that I received since 2007 (ha ha ha)…

So send your request booking now through our booking pages. You will get some good discount if you send through me!


p/s: We still have issues with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, but managed to get through it. Thanks to the tour guide (in which, I will have to keep the name confidential), I hope more people can enjoy the climb!

The story behind SSL & Sabah State Government on Mount Kinabalu management

I received an official call from Mr. Guna, the investigating officer for our complaints against Sutera Sanctuary Lodges on the ridiculous pricing of climbing Mount Kinabalu starting from 2008. For the other 15 complaints that had been submitted (thanks for those who submitted the complaints), you will get a similar call from him soon.

Basically, this was his explanation:

1. Prior to 2003, the accommodation in Laban Rata was managed by Sabah Parks, i.e under direct supervision of Sabah State Government.

2. Starting from 2003, Sabah State Government privatized the management of the accommodation for climbers at Laban Rata, in which, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges have to pay the Sabah State Government RM1.5 million a year. The contract is that Sutera will have to run the place for 30 years.

3. In return, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges will have to manage, maintain, upgrade and do anything that is necessary to make sure the accommodation on the mountain is managed properly.

4. Sutera claimed that for 5 years (from 2003-2007), they never increased the rate. So, in 2008, without any good justification, they decided to increase the price to more than 300% as they wish. They claimed that the cost of running the place is increasing.

5. That is why they published ridiculous pricing structure starting from January 2008, without prior notice to the climbers.

So, are you happy with his explanation?

Further discussion with Mr. Guna revealed that KPDNHEP cannot do much to help us on this increase in the cost of accommodation at Laban Rata by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

What we can do now is complaint to the Sabah State Government, as they are the one who knows better about the situation…

Any feedback? Just drop in the comment box…

Can Sabah Parks be more embarrassing?

Hahaha. I sounded that I am always looking for Sutera Sanctuary Lodges and Sabah Parks embarrassing moment since the beginning this year. Well, maybe I am. But I don’t think that I am the one and only person who did it.

Today, I found another good article by a couple of Mount Kinabalu climbers, Matt & Joanne Stamplis, who climbed the Western Plateau of Mount Kinabalu, spend some times in Gurkha Hut, summit the South Peak & standing on the edge of Low’s Gully. A very long and nice write-up, I must say.

However, when I arrived at about 3/4 of their post, I was a bit dissapointed when I saw what they wrote. Not to them, but to our Malaysian government when it comes to the management of the mountain.

Yeah… It is always like that on Kinabalu: Climbers praise the mountain so much, but at the same time, very dissappointed with the management. I am just not sure how long this issue will be the thorn in the flesh of Kinabalu. Click to enlarge.

You may be able to read their post here:

Or this screenshot from their part 1:

You can get it here: Borneo Part 1 (Mt Kinabalu)

If you are a hardcore climbers from anywhere around the world, their write-up is one of a very good basis for you to get the most of Kinabalu’s Western Plateau.

Good Luck!

Mt. Kinabalu Summit Trail Map – using Inkscape

As most of you know, I am an Open Source supporter. Although I don’t know how to write code for software and application, I know how to get involve with the community – by using their software. It’s free, I don’t have to go to Center Point 3rd floor where I used to go, looking for pirated software, and I also contribute back to their community by sending them bugs. I think you should do the same too.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to create a very simple and basic graphic illustration of Mt. Kinabalu Summit Trail Map, using one of the best open source software for creating vector graphic – Inkscape. If you find out that the license for Adobe Illustrator might squeeze your pocket even more after the fuel price hike, then this is your choice. Just download their installation package and get your things running in few minutes.

Learning curve? Not as steep as I expected. I just learned the differences between 3 major photo and graphic extension (jpg, gif and png) for any of my works. By knowing the differences, you will then know how to optimize your photos and illustration in your blog for aesthetic purposes.

After getting some elbow grease (or maybe mouse-and-index-finger movement), I roughly made up a rough sketches of the Summit Trail of Kinabalu. But still, the information on the shelters (pondok), the huts and the peaks are correct.

I know, the illustration looks like very simple. I agree with you that any school children who are taught to use Inkscape will do better than me. But it is better than nothing. Now I don’t have to worry about getting graphic illustrator for the book. I just to learn smarter to create more attractive graphic like the one below…

Well, at least it’s a good start to visualize things that you could do in the future. It makes you work hard towards your goal.

Please help Kristina & her daughter…

I actually received Kristina’s email 9 days ago. However, my life has been really occupied for the past couple of weeks. And for some other reason, I missed her important email.

When I did some cleaning of my inbox today, I found her email in my draft box. In short, she is looking for her memory card and possibly her digital camera, in which, she left the items in a taxi.

If anybody could help, please drop your comment in the comment box below. This is her email:

Hello! Me and my daughter Karin stayed and climbed in Mount Kinabalu park between 22-24 of may. We were in your reception this saturday, 24th, about 5 pm, to take a taxi to Kota Kinabalu. We used your luggage room several times.

We went with one of the taxis outside your office. We forgot a camera in the taxi and wonder if you have any possiblity to ask the driver if he have seen our camera. The camera brand is Vivitar in a black case. We just want the memorycard, the camera is not importent. We are mother and daughter from sweden, we hope you remember us.

If you find it PLEASE send the memorycard to:
Kristina Carlsson
61032 Vikbolandet

Please send an email, we can pay if anyone fund it.
phone: 0046709561108
or 004611344166

Best regards
Kristina and Karin