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Blog Mastermind opens tomorrow. Watch the final 2 videos

If you have been following me since last week on Blog Mastermind, Yaro had just emailed me this morning and informed that his blog coaching program will be opened tomorrow. He also gave me the last 2 links to his videos, a look over his shoulder at how his blog makes money and how much money it makes.

These videos are designed to teach you about how to make money blogging and show proof that he is actually doing it and show us the potential for earning with Blog Mastermind.

This is the only blog coaching program that I joined and I highly recommended you to do so, as the benefits and potential are very huge. I guarantee that you will not be the same blogger as you are now after the program. Worth every ringgit spent.
Click here to see the videos

By the way, these are the blog post last week:
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You don’t have to watch this FREE blog teaching video…
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Good Luck in your blogging carrier,

You don’t have to watch this FREE blog teaching video…

…if you are satisfied with the money that you earned from your blog

This is my second part of how you could be a better blogger. If you have not read yesterday’s post, you may want to check it out before you proceed to watch this video. It will give you a better idea on what am I talking about.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of bloggers who show me their check statements screenshot, Adsense and Paypal account figures. Although it is one of the way to show me the proof that they are making money blogging, I don’t think it will give any benefits to me, unless they want to share with me how to do things correctly and get the same result.

Yaro did the other way round. He teaches me the step-by-step route that he took to get to 6-figure income, without him bragging away with all the screenshots of his earnings. With that he gained respect from me, in which I think would be the best person to show me the correct way of blogging for money.

The video that he made is also NOT just a cheap advertorial video captioning the benefits of his program with tons of rubbish screenshots. He actually TEACHES us how to blog for profits in less than 35 minutes!!! You really have to see it to belief it yourself.

Why do you really need to pay attention to his teaching this time:

  • You want to learn how to make money from blogging the smart way
  • You want to know how to use a blog as the only Web2.0 marketing tool you ever need
  • You want to work less and earn more (most bloggers work way too hard!)
  • You want to know how to use blogs for a STABLE six-figure income stream

I was really surprised when he still could give me more content and information (that I think I know) in that half an-hour video. The most important phrase that I learned from the video is Page View Slave. In one moment or another, I do feel that he is talking about me.

I also know some of us bloggers promotes affiliate products, post after post. At the end of the month, our blog will be full of products that we are promoting, but really failed to make even a single sale. Yaro explained why this never ending splashing affiliate products throughout your blog will not make you rich.

These are some of the screenshot of his teaching:

So what are you waiting for? Just spend half an hour of your surfing time to watch the free video. You may want to thank me later. Here is the video.

Oh, I saw that Yaro has upgraded the program to include new video presentations into the teachings. When I was with his program last year, it was only PDF and MP3 podcast files. You are really lucky if you decided to join him this year. If you missed this, you may want to wait for another year for his next enrollment.
Click here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint

To your blogging carrier,