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Kota Kinabalu backpackers list (as of August 2008)

Whooaaaa…. When I started this website and blog about Kinabalu 3 years ago, there were only about 8 backpackers / travelers lodges around Kota Kinabalu. I put a booking page for the lodges through Hostelbookers, in which received quite a number of visitors who booked their stay through the booking system.

I did an update on the page in 17th November 2006, in which I added another 13 hostels to it, to give more options for travelers to choose the place that they think is best for them.

Yesterday I went to Sabah Tourism office to look for any new updates on Sabah’s tourism industry and found out that they have an update list of backpackers for the whole Sabah. With the number that they presented, it seems that Sabah is a “heaven for backpackers”!

According to the resource, there are now 23 registered backpackers lodges here inside the Kota Kinabalu city center. The number does not include non-star, 1 & 2 star rated hotels that are abundant here apparently. All the lodges are situated around 5-20 minutes walk to all the major important places (like banks, bus station, ferry station, market and shopping complexes), in which you don’t have to worry too much on the transportation.

I will try to list the backpackers in Kota Kinabalu according to the area that the lodges are situated:

Australia Place
Lucy’s Homestay
Tropicana Lodge
Traveller’s Light Lodge Backpacker
Kinabalu Backpackers
Borneo Backpackers Sdn. Bhd.

Jalan Gaya (Gaya Street) & Jalan Pantai
North Borneo Cabin
Planet Kinabalu Backpackers
X-Plorer Backpackers
Summer Lodge
Red Palm Hostel
Akinabalu Youth Hostel
Stay-In Lodge
Globetrotters Lodge
Asia Adventure Lodge
The Beach Lodge
Trekkers Lodge

Bandaran Berjaya
Velvet Lodge & Lounge

Sadong Jaya/Karamunsing Warehouse
Borneo Rafflesia Lodge
Borneo Global Backpackers
(These 2 lodges are the furthermost place to stay from the city center. You may have to walk 20-30 minutes from there to get to the heart of Kota Kinabalu city)

Asia City
Hamin Lodge

Kampung Ayer
Borneo Adventure Center & Lodge

Hotel Kota Jaya & Backpackers
Step-In Lodge Sdn. Bhd.

You can book your hostel here:
*Make sure you choose “Malaysia” as the country and “Kota Kinabalu” as the city. It will open in a new window.