Thank you to my website voters. And you have less than 48 hours to vote!

I received a call from Nuffnang just now about my website entry to The Dotcom Youth Search. It was a surprise, as I did not expect my website to be shortlisted as the top 10 highest voters. They received more than 400 entries, and a lot of the site submitted are more “bling” and “happening” than

If you could see from the screenshot that I took a few minutes ago, is at number 10 – out of 10, and Paul Tan’s automotive blog is the highest with more than 4000 votes! The vote that he got is twice as much as what I got! And maybe by the time you read this, the ranking has changed also!

Vote for Mount Kinabalu

Anyway, I am glad that the website get through this stage. Seeing other top 10 entries, I can see a mix of blogs, forums and websites, and all of them have their own uniqueness.

I am not sure whether I could raise another few thousand votes to pass Paul Tan’s, but I will still request a final vote from you, before the contest ends. If you have voted before, and you don’t mind, please vote again. Better still, tell your friends to vote for the website too!
(Just click at a triangular banner on the right upper corner of the website. That’s it!)
*By the way, I did not put the banner on this blog.

Although I know that I am not going to win this, the awareness about our beloved Kinabalu on the internet will make a very huge impact on all Malaysian, South East Asian and even the world. And I am really, really proud to present you our Natural World Heritage Site online.

Thank you for your vote!

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A self employed General Practitioner who lives with his lovely family in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He dedicates his spare time serving people with precious information on climbing the Majestic Mountain of the Borneo, Mt Kinabalu. Reachable at drizad(at)

8 thoughts on “Thank you to my website voters. And you have less than 48 hours to vote!

  1. Kay Kastum

    Good for you my friend! What a great exposure for our beautiful Gunung Kinabalu. Not to mention you too!
    So by just clicking that thing you got voted? I can’t seem to see any acknowledgments or something..

  2. drizad Post author

    @ben: Yes, they admit that during that time, there was a down time because of server congestion. You could read the organizer’s entry here:
    (Updates on 8th January)

    I really hope they do not discriminate the survivor from across South China Sea!

    @Kay: Thanks for the compliment, Kay. And yes, a click will do it. You won’t see any acknowledgement as there weren’t any…

    Thanks again!

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