The Greatness Within You

It may be difficult to believe, but some people actually cringe when an opportunity presents itself. They are the ones who don’t care what happens, just as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

Yet, there are others who, seeing the exact same opportunity, reach out and seize it immediately. It doesn’t matter that it’s something they have never done before; it doesn’t matter that others may try to discourage them. They understand that, as someone once observed, the man with new idea is often thought to be crazy – until the idea succeeds.

We believe that success most often strikes those who are optimistic and willing to challange their abilities. Consider the runner Glenn Cunningham, who was severely burned in his youth and told that he might never run again. Glenn, however, was undaunted. He overcame his disability by walking… then running… then taking strenous regimen of running miles every day. And then amazingly, Glenn set a world record for the mile run!

ASked to explain how he achieved such a feat, Glenn remarked,”I’ve never look upon myself as someone special. Maybe it’s because ignorance was always my greatest asset. I never knew I couldn’t do certain things.”

So, in business – as in life – we think it’s wise never to assume what you are or are not able to do. Only by expanding your mind, stretching your boundries, and testing your toughness will you make the same discovery as Glenn Cunningham and many in SBI! business: the unique, individual greatness that lies within you.

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