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Yesterday I read a book, “How To Slay The Financial Dragon” by William A. Stanmeyer, J.D. I got the book a few years ago, while doing my network marketing business as it is one of the recommended book. I just would like to share with you about “The Ideal Business”, that was discussed in one of the chapter inside the book. Why? Because I want to illustrate to you whether SBI! fulfill the criteria of “The Ideal Business”. Let’s go through it together.

  1. No Boss. Work for yourself. No worries about layoffs, corporate politics, or martinet-type superiors who enjoy making you suffer.
  2. No Big “Capital Investment”. Start for under $500. No need to go into debt or spend all your savings.
  3. Home-Based. No office rent. No rush hour. No wasted time and money driving and parking. No “road rage” or stress.
  4. Flexible Hours. As little as six to ten per week, often in small one- and two-hour segments, mostly lunch hour, evenings and weekends. Fits anybody’s schedule, no matter the demands of his regular work.
  5. No Exams or Years of Training. Unlike insurance, real estate, law, accounting and medicine, the Ideal Business has token licencing at most and little or no mandatory expensive formal training.
  6. Tax Benefits. The few on-going expenses of this business are mostly tax-deductible, unlike the cost the cost of being an employee.
  7. No Discrimination. Unlike a JOB, promotions and higher wages are here based solely on performance, not sex, colour, nepotism, or office politics.
  8. No Employees. Thus no paperwork for employees, no fringe benefits to fund, no trumped-up discrimination suits, no headaches when they don’t show or they pilfer the cash register.
  9. Constant Strong Demand for the Product(s) or Service(s). As J. Paul Getty stated years ago, the Ideal Business is one where you sell a product or service that people want, need and can afford, and preferably this demand repeats again and again.
  10. No Special Sales Skills or Prior Experience Needed. The Business is deliberately designed to be easy for people who don’t like or have no experience in selling or any other aspect of business.
  11. A Senior Associate Who Accelerates Your Learning. A mentor, this person offers continual guidance and has a financial stake in your success.
  12. A Time-Compounding System That Brings In Strong Residual Income. By setting up franchise-like group of “marketing asociates” on whose sales one receives overrides, one generates income through helping others, in a few years, it comes in automatically.
  13. No Accounts Receivable and Collection Headaches. The Business is structured to insure that the company you work with pays you directly, as soon as it receives payment from the customer.
  14. Minimal Legal Liability. No employees means no worries about “vicarious liability”, viz., an employee on a business errandhits someone and you, the employer, are sued.
  15. Unlimited Income Potantial. Unlike a JOB, which pays only the price of replacing you with willing substitute – and thus severely limits your income potential – the Ideal Business has no ceiling: income is not restricted to the efforts of only one person.

Now, does SBI! fits the 15 criterias that were mentioned in the book? You can only answer that after you get the fact from the people out there who have done it.

If you do not like to go out at night to find prospects, speak with total strangers and get a lot of rejections (if you choose network marketing), than SBI! is for you.

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