Top 7 highest peak on Kinabalu

Ha… I have a very short quiz for you. Select the top 7 highest peak on Kinabalu from the 15 peaks that are there on Kinabalu. The one who could give me the correct answer may receive a free gift from me!

  1. Low’s Peak (Yeah, this one is the highest. Choose the next 6)
  2. King Edward’s Peak
  3. King George’s Peak
  4. Donkey’s Ear Peak
  5. St. John’s Peak
  6. Alexandria’s Peak
  7. Ugly Sister’s Peak
  8. Kinabalu South Peak
  9. Victoria’s Peak
  10. St. Andrew’s Peak
  11. Kinabalu North Peak
  12. Oyayubi Iwu’s Peak
  13. Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Peak
  14. Dewali’s Peak
  15. Mesilau’s Peak

Bonus question:

Name 3 peaks that is situated in the Eastern plateau…

Just drop the answers in the comment box!

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13 thoughts on “Top 7 highest peak on Kinabalu

  1. Julian

    Can I give it a shot?

    1. Low’s Peak
    2. St John’s Peak
    3. South Peak
    4. Ugly Sister’s Peak
    5. Donkey’s ear Peak
    6. King Edward’s Peak
    7. King George’s Peak

    King Edward, King George and Mesilau’s peak are on the eastern plateau.

    Betul kahhhh?????? To be frank, I did spend some time reading up, which was actually very interesting, especially about the eastern plateau.

  2. drizad

    Hi Julian,

    Good try! You got 6 out of 7 correct!
    And yes, you are correct on the peaks at the eastern plateau…

    One more peak…

  3. Julian

    My old answers were this, but can I give you a new answer based on some information I got?
    1. Low’s Peak
    2. St John’s Peak
    3. South Peak
    4. Ugly Sister’s Peak
    5. Donkey’s ear Peak
    6. King Edward’s Peak
    7. King George’s Peak

    New answer
    1. Low’s Peak (4095.2m)
    2. St John’s Peak (4090.7m)
    3. Victoria’s Peak (4090m)
    4. King George’s Peak (4062.6m)
    5. Ugly Sister’s Peak
    6. Donkey’s ear Peak (4054m)
    7. King Edward’s Peak

    Am I right to say that in between St John and Victoria peak there’s Alexandra’s Peak, Oyayubi Peak and Dewali’s Peak?

    Below are the information I have in hand, do let me know they are correct or not cos this is printed stuff.

    Low’s Peak 4095.2m
    St John’s Peak 4090.7m
    Victoria’s Peak 4090m
    King George’s Peak 4062.6m
    Donkey Ear’s Peak 4054m
    South Peak 3921.5m

    Low’s Gully 1000m drop

    How ironic when I got these info in my hand and I straight away remembered that I have a unfinished homework in your blog… heheheh 🙂

  4. drizad Post author

    Yes, you got it right, Julian! Congratulations! Unfortunately for Jimmy, as Julian has answered it right and earlier than you, the quiz was immediately closed.

    Maybe next time, when I have new quiz, I will tell you ASAP.

    Okay Julian. Wait for the small free gift from me!

  5. Julian

    hahaha Jimmy… tu content buka lama sudah bah tapi no one took it up. Then I had like a 5 days buffer and yet still NO one went and answer it… LOL. Must be my lucky day.

    Its good info, no doubt.

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