Travel agents will charge “ticketing fee”

KOTA KINABALU: Booking air tickets via travel agents is going cost more in Sabah from today.

Travel agents in Sabah will begin charging a “ticketing fee” following the trend towards zero commission policy being implemented by airlines.

The Sabah Association of Tours and Travel Agents (SATTA) said that they would collect a maximum of 10 per cent of the issued airfare for the air ticket with the adoption of the “ticketing fee.”

Nothing is free nowadays. The cost for your travel to Sabah maybe will be increased up to 10-20%, just to cover the “ticketing fee”. Calculate your budget and make sure you could cover the extra cost.

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3 thoughts on “Travel agents will charge “ticketing fee”

  1. Anni

    Seems like the travel agents are digging their own graves with that move. Why would anyone bother with a travel agent , when you can buy your ticket directly from the airline?

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