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Hmm… Long list of disgruntled climbers jot down their comments in few of my blog post about how sucks it is to contact SSL directly to get a place to climb. It has been few months since my post about, one of the international tour and travel provider whom seems to be able to pre-book Kinabalu climb for 5+ people each months.

Oh wait… They actually have 5+ availability each months for their 2d1n AND the same availability for 3d2n trip. That makes them having at least 10+ beds at Laban Rata.

I don’t know how did they manage to do that. If you can look into the screenshot below, they even have their own pre-booked dates up until JUNE 2010.

If you check from website (my affiliate advertiser), they put USD315 for 2d1n and USD370 for 3d2n. If you convert it to RM, you may have to burn RM1128 for 3d2n or RM967 for 2d1n packages. That looks like overpriced, but you cannot complain when the service provider is an international company.

The 3d2n packages will include 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, all activities and entrance fees as per itinerary, local guides, mountain guide, park naturalist (I have never heard about park naturalist before. But I hope they meant Sabah Park Renjers). On this trip you will stay in twin bedded cabins (read: not the ordinary Medang and Menggilan Hostel) at Kinabalu Park, and in Laban Rata Guesthouse on Mt Kinabalu.

The 2d1n packages will include 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, all activities and entrance fees as per itinerary & guiding on tour with mountain guide. Accommodation on this tour is at Laban Rata Guesthouse on Mount Kinabalu.

Sigh… It looks overpriced for an average Malaysian climbers, as I spent less than RM300 (~USD95) in my last climb up the mountain couple of years back.

But, if you don’t mind forking out some money for a trip of a lifetime (or could rob a bank to get that much money), try booking your trip with them. So far, nobody emailed me anything about this international services. No feedback received for their good or bad services. No news at all.

So, I would suggest climbers, international especially, to try and book your climbing package through them. It may saves you some money making international call to SSL, in which sometimes your call will be ignored.

Help me by booking through my affiliate link here:

You will then be directed to a new window. All you have to do then is click “Asia”, and you will be shown a whole lot list of Asian tour packages. Scroll down, until you see Mount Kinabalu climbing packages, with the code of ASB7 and ASB8.

Click “More info”, and you will be directed to their description page. Read it carefully and scroll down until you see their Important Information (typed in RED):

Any references to availability or non availability of tours which include the trek to the summit of Mt Kinabalu, listed beside the departure dates on our website, should be treated as a guide only. Whilst Kumuka endeavours to keep this information as current as possible please keep in mind that the availability of beds at the Resthouses on the mountain is limited, and can change rapidly, and we cannot guarantee availability for the trek.

So, it seems that they also have minor issues on the availability of the beds in Laban Rata, heh?

Anyway, after scrolling down some more, you will then see the “Departures” start and end date. See which dates that you intended to go, and look at the “Availability”. Click “Book Tour” if you have find the dates that you planned to go.

Just get ready with your credit card. I really hope that you can book and secure a bed up in Laban Rata.

My opinion?

If you are an international climber (means non-Malaysian, or even Singaporean, Brunei or Indonesian), it is a good option to book from them. Yes, it is slightly overpriced, but for the packages and the services, we could not complain much.

If you are a Malaysian, then try to contact them by phone directly. It seems that the administration for SSL is currently held by Sutera Harbour. They claimed that their services are improving. You may want to proof that they are right. Google their link and get their phone number from there.

Again, here is the link:

Good Luck!

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