Turtle poachers apprehended in Sabah, Malaysia

Dead turtles lining up at the harbour - photo from Daily ExpressFor the second time in 72 hours, marine turtles have been seized from Chinese fishing boats in Sabah’s waters carrying a cargo of 220 Green and Hawksbill turtles on 28 March 2007. The first boat was apprehended on 26 March with 72 marine turtles of the same two species and six people were arrested.

WWF-Malaysia and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia applaud the success of the Sabah Marine Police and encourage them and other enforcement agencies to continue these efforts. Chris R. Shepherd, the Senior Programme Officer with TRAFFIC Southeast Asia says, “We urge the authorities to prosecute these poachers to the full extent of the law. If there is no deterrent, killing of these endangered species will continue”.

Female hawksbill turtles make about 1,000 nests in Malaysia each year Read more from the related newsfeed:

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My two cents: If we don’t do something right now, I am afraid that our next generation – our children can only know these kind of turtles in museums…

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