Want to see Mount Kinabalu when it rains?

Found 2 videos from the net on rains on Kinabalu.

The first video is taken from Gurkha Hut, a remote hut up on the mountain, in which normal Summit Trail climbers will no be able to see it. It’s a small hut for 4, especially for those hard core climbers and like the adventure of mountain camping.

The second one was taken from Sayat-sayat Hut, the last hut before Low’s Peak. The second video looks a bit scary as the mountain trail was flooded heavily. Looks really, really dangerous for us to either climb up or down.


3 thoughts on “Want to see Mount Kinabalu when it rains?”

  1. Wow, the second video is really an eye opener. a slip in the swift water would take u to Liwagu River, and by theory, u will arrive Kinabalu Park the next day.

  2. I didn’t even know where Mount Kinabalu is until I came across your blog. The second video is really amazing with all that water flowing so fast. Awesome blog. Cheers. Thalia

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