Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

Forget about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Kinabalu Park accommodations. They are expensive and not worth staying in. Can you imagine staying in bunk beds Grace Hostel will cost you RM120 per person, per night?

With RM120 you can stay in Kinabalu Pine Resort, Winner of 2005/06 Malaysian Tourism Awards – Excellence in Hotel Services (2 Star) standard room with breakfast and have your own veranda facing the Majestic Kinabalu.

Personally, I have been shying away from staying in Kinabalu Park for the last 2 years, as they were cutting my throat with their prices.

Enough with the bashing. I am would like to introduce you to Kiram’s Village, Mesilou, Kundasang. Situated just before the entrance of Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Kundasang, this group of chalets are owned by one of my high school super senior, Jamalul Kiram.

It’s new, don’t have much promotion and still don’t have any website but the place is just so beautiful. We had a family gathering last month with other members of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh Old Boys Association (STAROBA) Sabah Chapter. We just had a great time, barbecuing and karaoke, until the air was too cold for us. The temperature went down to 15 degree Celcius at night!

Check out the photos!

Kiram's Village Chalets
Sunrise @ Kiram's Village. There's a fish pond in front of the chalets.
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
The signboard. You should not miss it as it's just before the golf course.
Family units, complete with cooking area and two bedrooms (left).
Office cum diner cum karaoke place. With a view...
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
Yes, it's Kundasang...
This place is higher than Kinabalu Park...
Kinabalu from the golf course...

Just drop me an email if you decided to spend some quality time with your family in this place. It’s a nice weekend getaway, just 1 and half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

210 thoughts on “Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

  1. Ah Pat

    Harry, if you scroll up, you’ll find the contact details. Or you could try googling “Kiram’s Village”.
    Have fun!

  2. Cathj

    Hi.. I would like to know what is the rate staying in this place. Hope can get it soon. I am going bck kk on the 4th may only for a week… I hope I can come and stay at this place. Love to make a review. πŸ™‚


  3. Julie

    Hi there! Thank you so much for introducing us to Kiram’s village! It was magical!! What a perfect way to have a final relaxation/preparation before hiking up Mt Kinabalu! We were overwhelmed by the beauty, peace, nature, incredible butterflies and mostly by Kiram’s friendship and kindness! I would love to be there again right now! Thank you so much. I can recommend this place to everyone wishing to relax, recharge and reconnect in Sabah, and what amazing views!!



  4. Bennie

    Wow….beautiful chalets! Please send me more details about these chalets, ie. how many can beds in each, facilities and rates. Thanks.

  5. Ivan_CK

    can send me more details..?
    pic inside the houses, price…?
    looking forward to the harvest fest holiday..


  6. Eva

    I am one of the ‘victims’ of Sutera Santuary Lodges! I would like to know more about Kiram Village. When is the website be ready?

  7. Aidal Razali

    Assalamualaikum Dr…

    I have made a tentative booking with SSL for a 3D 2N climbing package to the summit via Laban Rata on 8 June’09. No payment has been made just yet. It’s wonderful to know that there is alternative accomodation around the park beside SSL. If I decide to stay at Kiram’s village, can I cancel the 1st nite accomodation with SSL but retain the 2nd nite stay at Laban Rata? That would mean reaching the Park early on the 2nd day from Kiram’s village, right? What is the distance if I’m driving? Please help me out as my 9 year-old daughter is looking forward to a good time on the mountain. I’d appreciate if you can hook me up with Encik Jamalul Kiram via email with contact numbers thrown in in case of last minute arrangements.

    Thank you and Wassalam!

  8. Jenifer

    Do i need a 4 wheel to get there? How can i make booking. Would appreciate if you can email me details

  9. Bani KJ

    Salam..after reading such a very interesting review/comments..macam best je!!..can u give me additional details (rates..reservation..etc2…)..maybe early june nak cuti2 malaysia dekat KK..thanks..

  10. Ridzwan K

    Please email me the rates and any other info? I plan to stay there with my wife 2 nights.

  11. Ranjit Peter

    Please email me the rates? I plan to stay there with my parents and wife and five year old daughter for one night..

  12. Sharon Yip


    May I have more photo’s inside the chalets especially can accomodate abt 6person and the rate too, planning to go in March’2010, while waiting to book for a stay in Laban rata.


  13. soochin


    just want to check. if we book at kiram’s chalet, how do we proceed with the arrangement for our climb – we are planning to ascend via mesilau trail? we have to head back to kk park to register & come back to mesilau trail? is there any other way to do it?

  14. Thomas

    We intend to climb Mt Kinabalu on the 2 of July and are looking for some accomodation for 4 people
    I am also after the inf as stated in the emails in your blog

  15. Izah

    My trip to Kiram’s Village last week was absolutely enjoyable. My hubby and my friend Hafiza loves the flowers at Kiram’s. Nice view. InsyaAllah will be there again next time!

  16. soochin

    En. Jamalul

    thank you for the arrangement & it was an enjoyable stay @ your chalet. Too bad we spent less than 24hrs at your chalet. next trip will definetly stay a bit longer & enjoy the view

  17. MK


    We would like to know what is the rate for a family unit for check in on 16/3/2010 for 2 nights stay.
    What is the facilities provided for each room. Can I have the room photo. How is the road condition
    from Kundasang toward Kiram’s Village Mesilou.


  18. sharon jong

    look nice, i would like to find a chalet in 15 february 2010,staying for 2 day 1 night,amount of people of staying is 20 person and 3 small kids any recomment chalet are suitable for this large amount of person??

    can i have kiram’s village contact number please ???any website specific only for kiram’s village ?please reply me thru my email …

    thank you very much

  19. Ning


    Can i know more details of the travel spot if i would like to bring my parents and also my sis’ family with 2 children?

    Can i know the rate of the chalet and also how to travel to Kiram’s village and where should i landed?

    Appreciate if i could have more of the picture inside, surrounding view of the village.

    Thank you

  20. Jade

    Can i know more about the chalet location and rate. I am planning to have a family gathering for this coming X’mas.

    Highly appreciate for your early reply.

    Thanks & regards.


  21. Lex

    Hi there,

    Can you email me the details of some good accommodation in Kundasang – Kiram?

    What is the best way to get there? Is there any local car hire?

    We are a family from the kangarooland.

  22. aduka


    I dah nak give up cari accomodation near kundasang. Do hv any chalet available on 27 Dec 2009 to accomodate 4 adult & 3 child?


  23. x3me

    Hi guys! For more info on kiram’s village, they have their own website now. Its up and running, so you guys can check it out. Here’s the link:


    I hope u all have a great time there since the owner and his family is very friendly and gracious indeed (based on my own personal experience since i’ve stayed there, the accommodations are very clean and neat btw). Thanx and have a nice day! =)

  24. ZulNS

    COOL…Wonderful & fantastic place. I hv a great time there. Congratulations & thank you to Mr Jamal for all compliments.

  25. Joanna

    Can u pls furnish us te rates for family of 15 people? Te travel date will be either on te 4th or 9th sept 10. Thks.

  26. Wan Khay

    Hi..just want to enquiry, i’ve plan to holiday at kundasang together with my family (8 adults and 4 children) please advise on room rates, and also halal food that we can get there. thanks so much πŸ™‚

  27. azhar othman

    saya azhar othman
    ingin bertanya berapakah harga chalet 1 malam utk 5dewasa dan 1 kanak kanak.
    boleh memasak k? apa facility yang ade spt tv, dll
    azhar othman

  28. Marek

    Hello, we (2+2+3=7 persons) are going to Kinabalu Park and Poring Springs in August. I need accommodation for 2 nights. Could you send me room rates and some more details? How to book?

  29. DAnny

    ooo.. i really miss tiz place..
    i’ve been there…
    i live at the celery room…
    wat a view!!
    btw, congrats yo!!

  30. Cheah

    Hi, planning a trip there with my family, 4 adults early April. Pls let me know the details such as pricing, available facilities (can cook ah?) as soon as possible. thanks!

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