Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

Forget about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Kinabalu Park accommodations. They are expensive and not worth staying in. Can you imagine staying in bunk beds Grace Hostel will cost you RM120 per person, per night?

With RM120 you can stay in Kinabalu Pine Resort, Winner of 2005/06 Malaysian Tourism Awards – Excellence in Hotel Services (2 Star) standard room with breakfast and have your own veranda facing the Majestic Kinabalu.

Personally, I have been shying away from staying in Kinabalu Park for the last 2 years, as they were cutting my throat with their prices.

Enough with the bashing. I am would like to introduce you to Kiram’s Village, Mesilou, Kundasang. Situated just before the entrance of Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Kundasang, this group of chalets are owned by one of my high school super senior, Jamalul Kiram.

It’s new, don’t have much promotion and still don’t have any website but the place is just so beautiful. We had a family gathering last month with other members of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh Old Boys Association (STAROBA) Sabah Chapter. We just had a great time, barbecuing and karaoke, until the air was too cold for us. The temperature went down to 15 degree Celcius at night!

Check out the photos!

Kiram's Village Chalets
Sunrise @ Kiram's Village. There's a fish pond in front of the chalets.
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
The signboard. You should not miss it as it's just before the golf course.
Family units, complete with cooking area and two bedrooms (left).
Office cum diner cum karaoke place. With a view...
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
Yes, it's Kundasang...
This place is higher than Kinabalu Park...
Kinabalu from the golf course...

Just drop me an email if you decided to spend some quality time with your family in this place. It’s a nice weekend getaway, just 1 and half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

210 thoughts on “Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

  1. Ephy

    Hi, I would like to know the room rates and details too. Planning a trip there soon. Please email me ok. Thanks.

  2. saleh

    kami berhajat untuk bermlm disana pada 3/5 dimana kami merangkumi 7 org dewasa dan 5 kanak2.berapa harga chalet yg ditawarkan.apa kemudahan yg disediakan untuk keluarga muslim spt peralatan memasak dan sebagainya.bagaimana hendak kesana kerana kami (dari kl) tiba di kk .diharap pihak tuan dpt maklumbalas secepat mungkin.
    wassalam,terima kasih

  3. Jane

    I would like to make reservations for this coming June. Pls email me the details for a chalet w 2 bedrooms. thx.

  4. ET

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to book for accommodation in Kiram’s village for 4 adults on the 4th June 2010. 2 rooms with 2 single beds each will be the best option if available. Appreciate if you can send me the details and I will contact you soonest.



  5. sri

    would you kindly mail me the rate for your chalet, for a stay on 8th and 9th may.
    please do provide your contact details too. hope to get some discounted rate.
    thank you.


  6. wany kedah

    i just coming back for a vacation with my university trip in Sabah…and guess what i stayed at Kiram Village…Frankly speaking…this is the best and beautiful place that i ever went…cantik!!!!!!!!
    u should be there at least once.

  7. irenetsen

    hey. i would like to stay there to celebrate chinese new year for 2011. can u gv me the detail of it?thanks

  8. fadhli


    My friend and i are going to KKfrom 21-25 july for a makan2 trip. we wanted to climb the mountain but it was fullybooked (got rejected twice d sob sob). I would be nice if we could stay in Kiram for two nights perhaps. Could you please provide details for accomodation arrangement for two people (non sharing). Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  9. sophea

    can you email me the detail of the chalet location n rate… still can make booking for 28&29?… give me ur contact… thnx

  10. saleh

    Alhamdulillah,tempatnya cantik,speechless!!whole family love this place,InsyaAllah kami akan ke sana lagi.Terima kaseh atas tuan jamal yg tak berhenti-henti talipon menunjuk arah memandangkan kami tiba d waktu malam tambahan pula waktu hujan,akhirnya ketemu juga.

  11. Redz Sapin

    Can u email me the details about this beatiful kirams challet.. i’ve been there b4 but i lost the template.. πŸ™‚ ASAP thankss..

  12. veeko

    hello, could you email me the accomodation and the location details, please and thanks

  13. Denise

    Hi.. My family and i would like to stay a night at Kundasang on 8th Aug 2010. That will be 8 persons all of us.

    Can you pls recommend any rooms / chalets as well as the rate to my email? Thx.

  14. Winnie Wong

    I’m interested to look into yr Kiram’s Village resort for this coming Sept 17th for a nite only. Can I have more details and also the room rates? I need this asap..Thank you

  15. fendi

    hi, can email me details regarding room rates and location, planning for a nite stay in kundasang by the end of this month. thanx

  16. Ida Ibrahim

    Hi! Nak tahu berapa rate chalet with 2 bedrooms (3 bedroom ada tak?) & include kitchen facilities. We’re going there early next year.

  17. anita

    please provide details re: room rates and facilities. my mom’s 80th b’day on the 18th Sept. she can’t climb stairs.

  18. tengku nor azmi

    boleh dapat maklumat lengkap berkaitan kadar bilik dan kemudahan yang ada. nak tempah pada 17 sept

  19. Ridza

    Was here with my family of 19. 3 generations and we ALL love this place. Some of us wish to come back here in this near future. I know i will, Insyallah.

  20. tyng

    hi, can i have a detail too?
    isit rent for one house? or just room?
    can i know how much?

  21. Ooi Snow Hoon

    We have five persons, and prefer room equipped with kitchen facilities. What type of room suitable for us and what is the rate?

  22. Cherrin

    Hello, may i know the detail for this rest house? And the place also.. thanks.. i am not quite sure where is the Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Kundasang. Which way from kundasang town?

  23. Wendy

    Hi there! I & my BFFs needed a place to stay on our reunion next year. I found this place is interesting! I would love to spend my time there with all my friends for a day or two. Please email me the rates & accomodation offered at this place. Appreciate all your info! Thanks..

  24. momokko

    Hi sir, may i know how to contact them for reservations? i had been seen this wonderful place from my friend’s facebook, i tot tat’s in overseas, so excited when i knew this is actually in Sabah, really wish to stay there during yr end, but i couldnt find the contact, can u pls email the contact n person of incharge to me? thanks for kindness.

  25. Jason

    Hi, would like to know the rate for 6 adults. 2+2+2. accomodation only, BBQ area available will be great. thanks and much appreciated

  26. crashdude

    Hi There Fellow Starian… πŸ˜€

    I’m heading to Kiram’s village this march… and hopefully brother jamalul will be our best host! πŸ˜€

  27. Syifa Wahab


    I’ll be going to Sabah next week. Hoping to stay in Kiram’s Village. Can you email me the rate of the accomodation? Thank you.

  28. Nana

    Would like to know the rate of a room which can accomodate 2 adults. will be there this coming sunday

  29. zulkhairi komar

    tuan tanah, berminat nak menginap di situ pada 6-7hb May ini, satu malam…ada kosong tak?? satu keluarga 2 dewasa 1 kanak2, 1 baby…harga berapa??

  30. Elyn

    We got 6 persons to visit Kundasang by 6 June for one night stay, pls provide quotation for family units (3 rooms?) . How far this village from Kundasang town or nearest market? pls email details to me. Thanks.


  31. wani

    hai there.i would like to know the price for accomodation since my friend and i (5 persons) are planning to go to kota kinabalu this coming july 2011.Hoping for your feedback.thanks.please email me the details

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