Welcome to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang

Forget about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Kinabalu Park accommodations. They are expensive and not worth staying in. Can you imagine staying in bunk beds Grace Hostel will cost you RM120 per person, per night?

With RM120 you can stay in Kinabalu Pine Resort, Winner of 2005/06 Malaysian Tourism Awards – Excellence in Hotel Services (2 Star) standard room with breakfast and have your own veranda facing the Majestic Kinabalu.

Personally, I have been shying away from staying in Kinabalu Park for the last 2 years, as they were cutting my throat with their prices.

Enough with the bashing. I am would like to introduce you to Kiram’s Village, Mesilou, Kundasang. Situated just before the entrance of Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Kundasang, this group of chalets are owned by one of my high school super senior, Jamalul Kiram.

It’s new, don’t have much promotion and still don’t have any website but the place is just so beautiful. We had a family gathering last month with other members of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh Old Boys Association (STAROBA) Sabah Chapter. We just had a great time, barbecuing and karaoke, until the air was too cold for us. The temperature went down to 15 degree Celcius at night!

Check out the photos!

Kiram's Village Chalets
Sunrise @ Kiram's Village. There's a fish pond in front of the chalets.
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
The signboard. You should not miss it as it's just before the golf course.
Family units, complete with cooking area and two bedrooms (left).
Office cum diner cum karaoke place. With a view...
Mesilau Pinnacle at the background.
Yes, it's Kundasang...
This place is higher than Kinabalu Park...
Kinabalu from the golf course...

Just drop me an email if you decided to spend some quality time with your family in this place. It’s a nice weekend getaway, just 1 and half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

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  1. Hi wani

    Can I have the contact no and room rate?
    I planning to go on this 29/5/2011 just stay one night.

    2 adult and 3 children. Awaiting you answer. pls

  2. Can I have the contact no and room rate?
    I planning to go on this 30/5/2011 just stay one night.

    5 adult and 2 children. Awaiting you answer. pls

  3. May I know the room type available and room rate. 2 adults and 3 children. Awaiting ur answer. Thanks and regards.

  4. Hi,
    We planning to travel on aug 2011.
    Can you advise us what transportation & how to go to Kiram’s Village, Kundasang.

  5. hi there,

    I would like to know the accommodation rate for a unit of house and the details.

    Appreciate ur help.


  6. En. Jamalul,
    Nak tanya, berapa harga untuk 1 malam for your family chalets? Dalam family unit itu, ada berapa room yang sedia ada? Thanks.


  7. Hi ,

    I would like to visit Kundasang on end Aug and would like to enquire abt ur accomodation.

    Please reply.

    Thank You

  8. nak pegi kundasang early aug, tapi tak tau nak stay kat mana.. blh bg detail about your accomodation tak? thanks…

  9. hii.tlg emailkn detls..price a and apa2 yg berkenaan..ingt nk g sana dlm pertengahan bulan ni..nampak cantik tmpt tu utk releks..1 person only

  10. Good afternoon,

    pls furnish me your available room and chalet rate.
    off peak and peak season.

    thanks & best regards.


  11. Need to plan for a group of 30 pupils and 10 adults from Penisular on June 2012. May I have more info on travel and lodging for 3 days 2 nights ?

    Thank you

  12. Hi..if 2 adults n 2 babies under 3years..just 1 nite..can u email the details to me a.s.ap.?? the price..im from KK..tQ (check in 27 nov check out 28 nov)

  13. 1 night stay on 7th Dec 2011 with 6 adults and 2 kids..from sarawak…very new to this place..any map?

  14. Saya sedang mencari dorm atau chalet yg boleh menampung dalam 55 orang, 3,4hb 12 ni kami akan adakan trip utk 2 hari 1 mlm. Boleh emailkan butir2 yang perlu..? ASAP please

  15. Send me the rate and your contact no. So that easy for me to contact you. ..I wanna make booking on this coming 24th until 26th January 2012 .is it available on that day .??? 3 days 2 night’s trip.this is my contact no 0168158586 Eric chung. Once you receive my email.pls contact me. Thanks.~~~

  16. Hi,

    I would like to inquire about your rate and your contact no. I am planning to go kundasang on the 25th dec

    Thank you and waiting for your reply. my mobile is 0128289986

  17. Hi there. I would like to check the room rate for 4 people. Will get there by the 23th and probably, checking out on the 28th of dec.

  18. Salamm, i would like to check the room rate for 4 people.. im planning to go Kundasang next year month of June.. Please get me the detail ASAP. Tq very much.

  19. sir,
    berapa harga semalam..? bilik air sekali dalam bilik atau d luar rumah? bagi num fon skali. sanang kan concact…

  20. sir,
    berapa harga semalam..? bilik air sekali dalam bilik atau d luar rumah?
    bagi num fon skali. sanang kan concact…

  21. Hi,

    I would like to have te contact no if possible? N love to have chalet with 2 or 3 rooms? Wat is rate? Is it available during coming kaamatan holiday?


  22. Hi, if i have 10 of us , what chalet you recommend us?

    Is it strawberry chalet? how is it looks like and is it at high hills?


  23. kepada yang berkenaan,
    Saya ingin ke KK 7hb september – 9hb september 2012
    bagaimana jika ingin membuat tempahan di tempat ini..
    pax 4-6 orang dewasa…
    Please email pada saya..TQVM.

  24. Hi
    We are interesting in booking the chalets. Please provide details, how much, how to contact for booking. Thanks very much

  25. Hi,
    Nice chalets, can i have the rate and the contact no.? Our trip will be around 17pax on early July’12.

  26. Allo dude.
    me and a group of people(comprising my older bro who is a STAROBA guy), would like to arrange for Mount KK hike. but the night before nak sleep over at this place.

    lets communicate via email?

  27. Hi, I would like to know the room rates and details too. Planning a trip there soon. Please send me contact number and email.

  28. im going there on 12/11/12…. like to know what the rate u can offer us.. 5 pax for 1 night PLEASE EMAIL ME TQWM

  29. Hi..

    we will be there for a company trip on 2 February 2013, one night for 11 persons. During our trip we planning to do BBQ and karaoke.

    Can you send me the quote?

    Thanks ^^

  30. hi there. i would like to know the rate for renting a family units for december 2013 that can accomodate 11 adults + 4 kids. thanks! waiting for you reply..

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