Western Plateau peaks of Kinabalu

I have heard about West Gurkha Hut for so many times, but I have no idea where it is on the mountain, until I found a photo of it from NorthBorneo MSN groups while searching for more information about Mount Kinabalu. I also found some other nice photos of other peaks on Western Plateau – Oyayubi, No Name Peak, Dewali, Victoria and Tsukushi peaks.

One of the photo also showed Dr Liew Hung Bang, one of my consultant physician while I was working in Queen Eizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu. He is the one who responsible for my first climb of Kinabalu in January 2002. Since then, I fell in love with Kinabalu. I did another trip with him up to the peak as a medical personnel.

These are 8 rare photos of Western Plateau peaks of Kinabalu. The photos were taken by Rabani, one of the Lonetree group members. They made the climb in January 2004. You can also get the original photos from the group here.

Lonetree Group at Western Plateau
Lonetree group, and their playground, Kinabalu National Park. Standing from left: Ginik (Mountain Guide), Goh Ai Ling. Sitting from left: Dr. Liew Houng Bang and Adlin George Houng. Standing really far back: Alexandria Peak.

Alexandria Peak
Aleaxndria Peak, seen from Western Gap.

Oyayubi Iwu Peak
Oyayubi, Japanese for Thumb. Gurkha Hut, is below it.

Oyayubi and Alexandria
Oyayubi Iwu on your left, Alexandria on your right.

Tsukushi Peak
Tsukushi Peak.

Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak. Note the potruding Horn. Some people believe that Victoria Peak is higher than Low’s Peak because of the Horn. To climb the Horn, technical mountain climbing skill and gear is required. However, official data from the authority still says that Low’s Peak is the highest.

Victoria Horn
Up close and personal with the Horn. Shot taken at full 300mm (Tamron XR 24-300mm) on Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel).

Oyayubi, Alexandria and Dewali Pinnacles
View of Alexandria Peak, Oyayubi Peak in front of it and Dewali Pinnacles in the background (right). Shot taken from Low’s Peak.

Climbing using this route will need a special permission from the Sabah Park Authorities.

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  1. Tet

    wow, quite interesting! Does this route require technical climbing? How can one get that special permission? Does it have any special requirements to obtain the permission?

  2. drizad

    Hi Tet,

    Yes, need special permission and require technical climbing. You can get the permission and information from Sabah Park Authority.

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