What have Kinabalu Blog tried to be?

Yes. I sometimes wonder, what have I done to the online Kinabalu community, for the past 3 years mount-kinabalu-borneo.com went online?

I started a website about climbing Kinabalu nearly 3 years ago, just out of curiosity on “making money online” in addition to my personal satisfaction on giving people the information in the internet on how to go about climbing Kinabalu.

At the time when I started the website, no relevant information on climbing Kinabalu was around, apart from the Wikipedia and scattered information on climbing packages in travel & tour websites.

Nany in hospitalIt was a huge decision back then. Going from a medical background, without any ideas on computer, internet & website creation, I joined thousands of other “newbie webmasters” creating another website. It was hard, but it was worthwhile.

Years have passed. The impact of having mount-kinabalu-borneo.com online, and Kinabalu Blog a year later, have been really tremendous to me personally. I did not expect the impact to be this big, but I was really glad that it did.

At least, climbers from all over the world will get the true pictures of Kinabalu from my own personal experiences.

What have I tried to be?

I have been trying to be an insider. Giving you the info on things that is going on here in Kota Kinabalu & Mount Kinabalu, which you would not get it from anywhere else.

I have been trying to be the guru. I have written articles and teaches climbers mountain climbing tips, specifically for Mount Kinabalu.

I have been trying to be the saviour. Telling people on how “human greed” could destroy the majestic mountain in just a very short while. Saving the mountain would take ages and a lot of effort have to be put in.

I have been trying to be a climber’s friend. Telling stories about the mountain as if you are my very close friend. I just want my friend to experience the mountain like I did. So, I am telling you everything that I know. There is nothing for me to hide.

I have been trying to be a reporter. Some of you will not know that there are people who can climb up and down the mountain in less than 3 hours, with a total distance of 21km.

I have been trying to be a promoter. I fell in love with this place not long after I arrived here, 8 years ago. And end up married one of their gorgeous girls. I surely love to promote this place to each and everyone of you, to come and see it for yourself. Gone are the days when people from the peninsular thinks that Sabah is a place to avoid.

I am just trying to be me. With bits and pieces of my personal story, in which, trying to be more “personal” with you, so that the barrier between the you and me is really, just your computer screen…

Have I tried enough?

Photo caption: My daughter, Nany was admitted to Likas Hospital last week for 5 days due to pneumonia. Praise the Lord, she is now recovering well.

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About drizad

A self employed General Practitioner who lives with his lovely family in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He dedicates his spare time serving people with precious information on climbing the Majestic Mountain of the Borneo, Mt Kinabalu. Reachable at drizad(at)gmail.com

13 thoughts on “What have Kinabalu Blog tried to be?

  1. suecing

    you’ve been all that and much more. thanks for all the very useful info and the prompt email replies. appreciate them!

  2. Kay Kastum

    Your little angel will be up and running again in no time no doubt.

    Now personally I think you have done tremendously good my friend. You provide what people were looking for: answers to Kinabalu climbing questions.

  3. irman

    i can’t agree more with what suecing said.

    a year ago, i was browsing blindly on the net trying to find some useful and practical info on mount kinabalu and i happened to come across yours. i have been a fan eversince.

    hope that you will continue to do what you do.

  4. Kelly


    i believe everyone who’s browsed and found the useful info at yr page would really appreciate what you’ve done…

    no doubt, you’ve been keeping very good job here…
    thanks for sharing all…

    hope your little angel’s doing well and recover in no time…
    have a wonderful harvest festive holidays… Aramaati…!!

  5. drizad Post author

    Hi Irman & Kelly,

    Thank you for your support. I will do my best to serve you guys more on Kinabalu.


  6. KakiAyam

    drizad, you are the one and only site that I come across with all the necessary details. i could thank you a thousand times, but I would hopefully be able to meet you over a meal when I am KK at a later date.

    There is one disadvantage that I could think of with this website. The popularity of this website has generate tremendous interest among the netizen in hiking up Mount Kinabalu to appreciate the greatness and beauty of mother nature. This in turn result in the cockiness of SSL and creating interest for businessman to monopolise the business…..

    hehehe…just joking lar….a bit far fetched….

    good day ahead…

  7. Steven Wong

    Hi Dr. Izad,

    Your confession to start a website/blog is exactly the answer to many people wonder what is happening when they come to make money online.

    We often ask people what is the meaning of insanity during our blogging workshop, that is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It doesn’t work for us now, we should try something else different.

    I am glad you have persistent and stay long enough to see your result today, otherwise, just like many people, will give up within the first 3 months when they didn’t see any earning from the blog.

    Good luck to you ….

    Btw, how was your daughter now? Is she fully recovered yet?

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