Where are other accommodation at Laban Rata?

Apparently Sutera have edited and upgraded their website. Gone are the basic information about the different types of huts that are available at Laban Rata. For seasoned climbers, they will know that there are 4 accommodations/huts in Laban Rata;

  1. Laban Rata Resthouse itself, which the only accommodation at Laban Rata which has heated room.
  2. Gunting Lagadan, non-heated.
  3. Waras Hut, non-heated.
  4. Panar Laban Hut, non-heated.

I was really surprised to see the website today, after receiving an email from one of my website visitors, saying that he could not find the huts that I mentioned from my website in Sutera’s new website. The old website showed each and every accommodation available in Kinabalu Park, Mesilau and Laban Rata, but this newly edited website did not show it.

Sutera Sanctuary LodgesThey only shows Laban Rata accommodation (Laban Rata Room 1, 2 & 3). All of the rooms are shown with a specific package which comes with it. And you will be shocked to death when you see the price!

Why they omitted the other accommodations from the website? Maybe they purposely (or is it by accident?) did not put up the other accommodations – Waras, Panar Laban and Gunting Lagadan – because it is not the same standard with Laban Rata.

Or maybe they just want to sell it to international travelers, which could afford that much money to spend climbing Kinabalu.

I used to spend only RM50 per bed in Laban Rata. Sigh…


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95 thoughts on “Where are other accommodation at Laban Rata?

  1. jon

    looking to climb the mountain on 2nd June just looked at a travel agent cost – for package

    Night Accommodation at Mountain Hut(Heated OR Non-Heated Room) Dormitory(Multi Sharing)- Subject to availability
    – 1 Breakfast, 1 Packed Lunch, l Lunch and 1 Dinner
    – 2 Ways Transfer (Kota Kinabalu City Hotel- Kinabalu National Park)
    – 2 Ways Transfer (Reception – Timpohon Gate – Starting Point)
    – National Park Entrance Fees, Climbing Permit, Insurance, Certificate of Achievement
    – Mountain Guide

    cost 1580 mr for 2 people. this seems a tad expensive to me. does anyone know anything cheaper? or is there a group we can join there are only 2 of us

  2. Faith

    I couldn’t agree more with “The Cat”, we are Malaysians and we cannot really enjoy our own country’s treasures at a much discounted price. I actually booked for my flight August 2008 to climb in April 2009. Unfortunately by October 2008, I enquired most of the Travel Agent & SSL themselves said they are fully-booked and asked me to wait for last-minute cancellation but still at the cost of RM1000++/per person. I couldn’t wait for last-minute cancellation since we are in a group of 3-4 person at that time. So, we had to opt for island-hopping trip instead since we have already purchase our air ticket so much earlier.

    Just a couple of days, I enquired again with the travel agent that I trusted that provide me with very good package in KK, and she called up SSL and its getting more pricey and shocking! Bookings more than 2 months in advance they are only selling their 3d/2n package (in a bid to FORCE people to stay with them) which the cheapest is at Rm 1142 per person!! This however DOES NOT include cost of climbing cert, mountain guide, transport, park conservation, climbing permit and insurance, so you would be looking at a price per head of RM 1400 per person. What?!

    So, I checked how’s the availability for October 2009 and guess what the reply came back to me saying, the booking for October is not open yet? And now, it’s already May 2009?!?!

    Anyway, I’m trying again to book for Mar/Apr 2010 and I’m going single, anybody would be able to include me in part of their group? I’ll be delighted to tag along as I was told group-booking can be so much cheaper as to Rm600-700 per person.

  3. Christopher

    I’ve just received a mail of a guest from Vietnam, telling me that they can’t book the accomodation on Mt.Kinabalu through SSL webside because it’s been fully booked untill MID OF YEAR 2010! Brothers & sisters out there, can you believe this? But I wonder why there are still many guest of mine managed to get an accomodation for the mountain even just 2 days before they climbed! Can anyone explain to me what is actually happening behind this scene? Or maybe all my guest who got the last minute booking were magician!

  4. Milk

    i am planning to go kk for climbing at 15/16th Jan 2010, only 2 person go from johor. can i join any one there? i do the searching for travel agency in kk, they all quote me VERY expensive price. anyone can help here?

  5. Christopher

    Hi Milk! Please send your mail to me in order to get a much much cheaper price for 2D1N climbing package.Thank you.

  6. Achilles

    As stated in

    Entrance fee non-Malaysian: RM15
    Mountain guide fee: RM74-RM90 for 4 persons
    Climbing permit for non-Malaysian: RM100
    Insurance: RM7
    Certificate: RM10
    Return transfer both ways: RM60
    Total of: RM280. This is excluding 1N accomodation

    Above quoted us for RM790,

    meaning accomodation at a minimal, non heated lodge is charged at RM510? And that’s only for a few hours stay before you move on to the night climb.

    Sounds like daylight robbery mates. Clean up the lousy act please.

    It seems like the mountain is run by a single manipulating operator who gives permits to the highest bidder who book packages with them. Which is probably why some of our poor friends like Faith above, can’t seem to get near the mountain.

    Someone prove me wrong and tell us how then we can book ourselves the good ol’ non heated lodgings at reasonable pricess…

  7. Rooster

    I intend to do a solo climb in the near future, what problem I might be facing?How much the mountain guide will charge for 1 person? Anyone can enlighthen me on that?

  8. Rooster

    The SSL website did mention about Gunting Lagadan and it is also mentioned that it is a heated unit, but the post above say it is non-heated…which is correct? Thank you.

  9. Christopher Wong

    There are altogether 4 lodges on the mountain that are runs by SSL. Laban Rata, Gunting Lagadan, Waras & Panar Laban. Among all these, ONLY Laban Rata has the Heated Dorm.The rest are Non-Heated.

    For those who plan to do the solo climb, the Mountain Guide fee will be RM 85. I had always advice my guest try not to share a guide with others if you can afford. The reason is that , as a mountain guide is allow to bring 6 climbers, and among these 6, there might be some slower one, so as a team, you might need to wait for the slower one if you are a fast climber. Thank you.

  10. Eddic

    Hi there, i and my frens are going to climb Mt KK at 30/7/09 . The accomodation we booked is Waras Hut. For what we know is it’s a non – heater Hut, is there any hot shower provided? any photos inside the hut? do anyone have experiences of staying in Waras hut? so that we could prepare ourselves during the trip, THank you~!

  11. Sridivya

    Hey…. I want to go climbing on 11 july 09 but most tours are booked. Do any of you know any slots open with any tour operator. I am travelling alone…..

  12. Ilgmars

    IMPORTANT WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do not buy any packages or anything from Christopher Wong! He is organizing huge fraud. We paid him via Western Union and he disappeared after that. We are not the only case.

    First receive confirmation, then pay!

    p.s. Even though he successfully organized accommodation for our friends couple month ago, now he is cheating people.

  13. Brab


    CHRISTOPHER WONG (WONG KEI MENG) is a cheater. He claim that he is working / owner of a tour agency & backpackers lodge. We contact the real owner and found out that he was fired long ago due to all this fraud cases. The real owner (Stephanie) advise us to buy with a licensed tour agency in the future.
    [According to her, licensed tour agency will need to quote their license no. starting with KPL/LN or KKKP when doing transaction]

    He first quote cheap rate which is unbeatable by other agency, then request payment via Western Union / Bank Transfer into his PERSONAL ACCOUNT (HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD ACCOUNT NO. 01550143612). Whats next? DISSAPEAR WITH YOUR $$$

    LUCKILY, Stephanie managed to arrange another package for us on the following day which climbing Mount Kinabalu is our intendtion of going to Sabah. I dont know if Stephanie is OK for me to advertise her cellphone number here but I will include her email address. Maybe you can try email her at stephanie.teo@summertours.com.my

  14. jp

    im wondering why they don’t allow us just to camp or put our tent at the summit like other mountains i had climbed before.

  15. David

    Last time I climbed Mt. K (mid 2007) it was about RM50-RM60 (I forget the exact price) for a heated dorm bed in the main Laban Rata guesthouse. It was slightly cheaper for the other dorms. People should keep in mind that the restaurant is inside Laban Rata, so worth paying for the bed there. The others are several hundred meters away. I’ve just gone to book the same trip again, but seen the prices. Wow, profiteering much?

    People should also keep the mind that the price of the meals were expensive when the rooms were cheap, but not enough to justify the price increases; it used to be about RM40 for dinner.

    I’m not going to be climbing the mountain again. There’s too many things to do in the world to waste time getting ripped off.

  16. Season

    I will be climbing on april 2010 and managed to book for laban rata heated room and grace hostel RM539 excluded others climbing fees like mt guide,certificate,insurance,climbing permit.
    The price actually is crazy expensive compare last 3 years.
    any advise for my trips

  17. HM

    Hi guys,

    I also planning to go climbing on june of 2010. Now Laban Rata increase the price damn high.. and no more do the 2D1N only have 3D2N. The RM539 ins only include the insurance and permit.

    I had ask few KK local agents. they said now Laban Rata give the Agent price even more higher than we direct book with Laban Rata. Laban Rata normally will quote agent 4D3N, It is alr cost RM700 something. And another agent said if wanna do 2D1N only can book one month be4 u go to climbing. If they have vacancy only will let u booking. It is very risk.

  18. Dan


    Is the sayat sayat hut still available as accommodation? If so how do I reserve for them and how much do they cost? I stay there 10 years ago on my 1st climb. My experience was pretty positive then.

  19. emily


    I will be climbing Mt K this coming 27th Jan 2010. May I know how is the weather there? heavy rain often? Is there additional things good to prepare? I am going to stay in waras hut cos it is the cheapest. May I know how to make the stay there more pleasant since its non-heated?

  20. Sabahan

    The 2D1N package is still available by the way. Just that they don’t publish it on the website. Of course they want to reap higher profits from tourists.

  21. Sandra

    We will be on Borneo March 22nd – April 1st and would like to climb Mt Kinabalu. SSL says that only available accomodation is Panar Laban and total price per pax is 492 (package with food etc).

    Anyone know if price and accomodation is acceptable?
    And if reservations at the guest house are commonly cancelled and made availble last-minute?

  22. yoong

    I have booked a package at cuti.com, it cost me MYR745 per person to get the 2D1N accomodation, all the meals, transfer from KK, climbing fees and mountain guide. But it’s bloody expensive I shall say? any reccommendation of which route to walk to the peak?

  23. John

    Hi Guys – interesting forum

    Trying to fathom our way through the accomodation possibilities for a jaunt up Mt Kinabalu. As others have stated, the Laban Rata seems fully booked for the foreseeable future according to their web site and having spoken to them – booked up in advance by tour operators perhaps ?

    Can anyone reccomend any tour operators that offer a ‘reasonable’ cost for a rat / flea infested bed for the night mid April 2010 ? (in a month)

    Cheers folks !

  24. neetu

    i just called up sutera for a accommodation for 2 ppl in laban rata for staying on 29 april. they said i will have to take the ‘premium package’ which include one night stay in KK park, one night in laban rata, food,transfer to climbing trail . so far as i know the lodges are very very basic. can u believe how much they asked for these? Singapore dollar 1395!!!!(3290 myr)!!!

  25. Kuna

    Why were you asked to take the premium package?

    I am in the midst of doing some research to exploit the exploitations of SSL, will you be agree to an interview if needed? – this will be in collaboration with Malaysiakini.

    I can be contacted at kunarajandran@gmail.com

  26. kuang

    hi,i m going to climb Mt.kk in this jun.this is my 1st time climbing and i m alone.i try to make it by a minimum cost.can u suggest me a plan?

    i refer to SSL website,and the room price is …oh no!!i dun mind to stay in non-heated.do u know the price of PANAR LABAN HUT or WARAS HUT or any 1 of it?

    last question,can i only book the room when i reach KK park?it is possible?

  27. -Shocked-

    OMG. I was thinking about climbing Mt. Kinabalu when I go back Sabah end of this year and got the shock of my life when I saw the accommodation fees. are they trying to rob from us?!?! It’s OUTRAGEOUS!!! I thought Sabah tourism is suppose to welcome all tourist be it local or foreign? it’s as though they expect EVERYONE to be effing rich!! Sabah tourism really has no brains at all. if this prolongs, Sabah DEFINITELY wont have ANY tourist coming in anymore. dumb phacks.

  28. baqir

    hi guys..

    im going to climb the mt neck couple of month.but i want to know, is it possible for me to climb there without purchasing any packages??
    can i know how to book a room at gunting lagadan hut.how about the cost??

  29. Siobhan

    Hi everyone,

    Glad I have found this forum – I am planning to climb Kinabalu in six weeks’ time and have had the most terrible time trying to find information on the best way to book this as a single traveller. As most agencies will not accept a single booking I am now looking at booking accommodation by myself, but the sutera sanctuary website only lists one hut which is booked out until November 2011!

    After reading this webpage I am going to telephone them directly and try to book over the phone.

    Once I have booked a room what is the next step? Do you then just turn up at the Park HQ on the day with all your stuff and are allocated a permit and guide there and then?


  30. baqir

    Hi siobhan,

    my friends and i are going to climb the mount this coming june and we have already booked for the place from sutera…we were booking in a group of six..unfortunately, becous got class in that day, two of my friend cannot joining us…so if u are interested to join us..just email me to this:


    we are going to climb on 12th june 2011 till 14th june 2011..i am studying in university of malaya..

    hope can help u,

    thank you

  31. roxy

    hi guys,

    this site has been helpful. ive been trying to find contact info for other accomodation other than the sultera (laban rata) which is too expensive RM930. I am a filipino and on a budget with a friend. booked for kota for a vacay on aug 26 to 29. will fit in the climb on aug 27-28.
    i was wondering if anyone can help me find out how much the fees are for the climb + the accomodation which is mandatory.
    my email is roxya711@gmail.com

    any reply would be a big help. thanks

  32. Vijay

    Hi Guys,

    Planning to climb KK in 1st week of sept..checked out the accomodation rates at KK which is way above my budget…If any 1 planning to go during tht time pls let me know…We can share the cost of the accomodation.

    I can be reached at vjkrish7@gmail.com.

  33. lorna

    My group of friends (4) planning to climb mt Kinabalu on 20-21/8/2012. plan to stay a night at the mid- hill top for rest before continue next day climb to the top. where can we get a room to sleep over the night. say RM100-200++. we are Sarawakian.

  34. Clawry

    to lorna,

    I don’t think you will be able to find a bed for RM100 to RM200. Try sent email to suterasanctuarylodges and ask for special package for you.

    I done the same way and i get a student price which is RM411/pax. I sent email asking for student price then went through all the way back to university to obtain an official letter then only i get this price. Goodluck πŸ˜‰

  35. lorna

    Thanks for your comments. There is no more room at suterasanctuarylodges on the days we plan to climb

  36. nhoek

    Shame that experiencing a wonder like Mt Kinabalu is only reserved for the wealthy. I’m an international, but this notion that “all internationals have the money” is just plainly not true.. I spent most of my money just to have the opportunity to be in Malaysia, now that I’m here, I can hardly afford to do anything. Even in USD the prices are exorbitant (maybe in British Pounds it’s reasonable?) but God forbid you’re from a country whose currency is worth less than the Malaysian Ringgit. No special price for Egyptian travelers that’s for certain.

  37. Leo

    Hi , is there anyone want to climb on 16 -18 June 2012?
    We are 3 -4 people and will be arrive on 16 June and start to climb on 17, please let me know guys if there anyone wants to go.

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