Where to ask for the best Linux Distribution?

I know, when you would like to try Linux, you do not know where to ask to get the best distribution for you. Linux distribution (aka Distro) is a variety or options for your computer to run Linux. As an example, if you choose Windows, you can only have XP, Vista, 2000 or 98 (Although it’s not a good example). That’s about it. But, for Linux, you can have thousands of options (distro) to choose.

You will ask me, which one do I know that will suits you? Well, it depends on what do you want to do with your daily computer usage. Because of the nature of Linux distro, you can choose from hundreds of distro that are available for you to use, and you will get the same Linux kernel advantage with a different graphical use interface.

DistrowatchDistrowatch is the place for you to go if you decided to try Linux and get the distro that is suitable for you. It is a website that also features the latest Linux distro in this world.

I went to Distrowatch about 2 years ago, and get my first copy of Linux distro – Knoppix Live CD, that took me nearly 6 hours to download from my slow internet connection. But it was worth it. I then download Xandros OCE 3.0.2 and managed to install it in my only notebook – and dual-boot! The journey with Linux was difficult initally, but when you ready to learn something new everyday, it was really a joyride.

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