Which one do you choose? html or cms?

I am going to write this post based on my experience on creating website using static html page compared to few open source cms software that are available from my webhosting provider, Exabytes. So, we might have a different opinion, but I appreciate any feedback.

  1. With N|vu, it was really comfortable generating a website without knowing any HTML. Although I still used good old tables for the website, while other webmasters prefer to use CSS, I still can get the look that I wanted for my website. Yes, it will be an advantage if I know CSS. I just want my website to look simple with easy navigation and not bloated with scripts that will delay my page views in the web browser. Compared to CMS software that I have tried (XOOPS, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, php-nuke, Siteframe and Geeklog), it seems more complicated. Although the installation was a breeze from the web server, but as I entered the adminstrator page – I get lost. It seems easy, but it takes me more time to learn to get use to CMS compared to HTML. But, after getting used to the available CMS, I think I like Drupal.
  2. The other plus point about plain HTML and tables in N|vu is the ability for it to be configured with Google Adsense. I just dedicate a table for the ads, cut and paste the scripts and it is done! I can actually blend the ads into my content without ay difficulties. As you know, ads that are blended properly with the content will have more clicks! It was not the same for CMS. Because it is build with php backend, I have to download different plugins and modules for each and every cms that I tried. And, to get things worse, I have to do some tweaking of the scripts and templates. Even if I manage to put the things inside, most of the time it only broke tthe settings and I could only see error message!
  3. Designs. You can design your website as you like. There are a lot of free and open source html templates available in the net. However, with CMS, most of the time you have to choose the templates that is available. To make our own design? You have to know how to write code and programming. I do not like most of the templates available. I looks cluttered.

That is my opinion. What’s yours?

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