Who else here can do something for our Mt. Kinabalu?

I received an email from our friend, Wai Yong today. This is what she wrote:

As I know, SSL will include packed lunch for all Mt. Kinabalu climbers in 2008, as compulsory. I just want to concern about the ‘litter bugs’ will throw the polystyrene boxes into Mt Kinabalu ravine or just anywhere and everywhere.

Previously, some ‘litter bug’ climbers often threw the wrapping of the chocolate, or just any drink or snack at the trail. Especially the area near all the shelters are very dirty with rubbish around now.

This is a very not environment friendly scenery. Even though, now I can’t 100% confirm how SSL going to prepare the ‘packed lunch’ for the climbers in 2008, but if they really use the polystyrene boxes for the packed lunch, I can’t imagine what will happen to Mt Kinabalu, our Malaysia heritage.

I have one friend who did call the Sabah Parks regarding this matter, but the reply that he get was the Sabah Parks authority have no power to do anything about it.

I wonder here is, if Sabah Parks can’t do anything, who else here can do something for our Mt. Kinabalu?


Mount Kinabalu from Tambuyukon

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3 thoughts on “Who else here can do something for our Mt. Kinabalu?

  1. Leong

    Dear Wai Yong,

    Thank you for the highlight. What you did mention is true.
    We don’t want the herritage be destroyed just because of some parties want to make extra money.

    Sabah Park should have the overide authority to wipe off any activities that harm to the herritage.


  2. Murphy

    Probably the mountain tour guide can stop his group from dumping junk. Seriously, we pay quite a lot to hire a tour guide, but most of them only make us chasing their tail or they push us to walk faster. Time to ask them to do more…

    Personally, I will pick up those rubbish if I see them on the trail and I wish others (esp Sabahans) would do the same. We should count on ourselves rather than asking for those authorities who look for all sort of excuses not doing anything. It is our responsibility to keep our land clean too.

  3. drizad

    Yes, we really cannot rely on the tour provider and accommodation providers, as they have their things to do.

    The last time I climb Mount Kinabalu, my guide and I have our own plastic bag, that we filled with rubbish that we found on the way as we go up and down the trail…

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