Why I choose PADI OW license with Borneo Divers

This is NOT a sponsored post. Although I really admire Borneo Divers (BD) for their friendliness & hospitality, I found out that other scuba diving operators around Kota Kinabalu are equally good and professional in what they do.

I received a comment from one of our blog readers who asked me why I choose PADI for my OW license. While you can actually get your PADI OW license from any certified PADI scuba diving operators around here, I chose Borneo Divers, particularly because:

  1. I know Borneo Divers staffs. Some of them are regular patient in my clinic. And yes, we are also a panel clinic for BD.
  2. My good friend Roslan is really a Borneo Divers fan. If you talk to him, he can give you 1001 reasons and excuses why you need to be with BD – although he is not BD staff. Well, maybe partially…
  3. The course fee for their diving course is one of the lowest in KK (for PADI). And you will be sure that you get a quality teaching from their experienced world class diving instructor.
  4. They have their dive center in one of the island in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, i.e. Mamutik Island. This is a big advantage for BD students and divers as they don’t have to lug their scuba units and tanks from the mainland for each dive.
  5. Oh, by having a dive center in Mamutik, all of the main activities are concentrated there, including preparation of meals. While other scuba diver operators have to look for third party meal provider for their students and divers, BD have a regular in-house cook to cook for us.
  6. Although their equipments are old – yes, some of it has served for 15 years – their services and hospitality are excellent.
  7. Their main office in Wisma Jubilee is just 3 minutes walk from my clinic. Hehehe…

Well, I can give you another 99 reasons why I took BD course, but then, it’s up to you to choose from numbers of scuba diving operators here in KK. You may have a slightly different experiences with different PADI operators, but generally, what they teach are all the same. I must tell you that it’s worth all your money spent.

Don’t take all my words. Go experience it yourself.

Go dive. Your life will not be the same.

5 thoughts on “Why I choose PADI OW license with Borneo Divers

  1. Rinn

    Yeah, nice to hear to these explanations. How good if this BD is just near me, of course
    i’ll grab it for sure. Unluckily it is not at my ‘backyard’ as you do. Then i have to go to other
    operators that maybe waiting for me…..hehehe

    By de way, i had surveyed few around here(KL). Then i foundout, different operators with different price of pakages.
    Also with some guidance from my colleague whom had been to Sipadan, i got some ideas from it.
    So, now i’m planning to buy those ‘3 basic equipments’ first while there is a store having sales somewhere down here.

  2. Kay Kastum

    I experienced diving before in Australia. But that was done with a guide by your side. I tel you it was awesome mate! Okay, must plan to get em diving license… BD got ‘cawangan’ in KL do you know?

  3. Rinn

    No wonder i just could not reach it. I only get a buddy with name J……M…..with the
    unactive website. Anyway, thankyou for the infos yeah dear friend.

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