Wrong information on Rungus costume by our own government…

Hmmm… I have seen this billboard photo few times, at few places, but did not have the opportunity to shoot and post in my blog.

Until about last week when I managed to shoot the billboard while on my way home in Putatan, as my car stuck in the usual traffic jam. The billboard is situated along the road to the airport, just in front of Sutera Harbour.

I did asked my wife (she’s Rungus) about the photo, and she said that it is NOT a Rungus costume. The words “Kudat Rungus Longhouse” on the top left of the billboard were wrong.

I think the government should be more sensitive on this issue, as it gave wrong information to us and more importantly, our international guest.

They should check the correct and valid information from our local authorities, before putting the advertisement/billboard up.

Anyway, who knows what is the race for the women’s costume? I don’t think it’s Murut…

NOT a Rungus costume

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8 thoughts on “Wrong information on Rungus costume by our own government…

  1. Ben

    I think I’ve seen this picture in a magazine somewhere with a description. The headgear do not belong to any of the main ethnic groups – perhaps this is a “rojak” costume?!

  2. Martha

    The costume looks like a kadazan dusun traditional costume. The headgear if I’m not mistaken used by the Bobohizan(female ritual specialists/priestesses)

  3. roadwarrior

    The costume in this Advertisement is NONSENSE..sorry but true.

    1) The dress is Kadazan Penampang..but the headgear is RESERVED only for the Bobohizan (usually a very senior priestess). Maidens or apprentices traditionally DO NOT wear this!

    ..and it’s NOT a Rungus longhouse..

    …shameful..they should portray it more accurately.

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