WWF discovers new animal and plant species in Borneo

Newly discovered Borneo tree frog (Rhacophorus gadingensis).I came across this article about new animal and plant species that they found in Borneo. Wildlife experts says they have discovered at least 52 new species of animals and plants between July 2005 and September 2006 on th island of Borneo.

Newly discovered Borneo tree frog (Rhacophorus gadingensis).
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According to a report compiled by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),the new species discovered include 30 unique fish species, two tree frog species, 16 ginger species, three tree species and one large-leafed plan species.

Stuart Chapman, WWF International Coordinator of the Heart of Borneo Program, said that the “more we look the more we find” on Borneo. “These discoveries reaffirm Borneo’s position as one of the most important centers of biodiversity in the world”.

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