Yes. One death on Kinabalu after 2001

You heard me right. One death after nearly 9 years since 2001. I am not really sure what had happened. I can’t really get insiders information about the incident as most of my contact had been transferred out to other places.

You can read about it here. I personally think that Kinabalu is one of the safest mountain to climb in the world. However, accident happens. As long as you follow your guide’s advice and Sabah Parks guidelines, you should be enjoying the trip more.

If you read the news properly, the accidents happened at Mesilau Trail, way down from the Rock Face where the barren rock and rope area (which is the commonest place people get injured).

This is the excerpt of the news:
KOTA KINABALU: A climber slipped and fell to his death when trekking up Mount Kinabalu.

Tan Tzu Hau, 31, from Inanam here, was found dead 5.5km from the Mesilau trail at about 2pm on Monday by a Sabah Parks porter.

Ranau district police chief Deputy Supt Suhaimy Hashim said that Tan was part of a mixed group locals and peninsular Malaysians trekking up the mountain through the Mesilau trail when the incident occurred.

”Tan was trailing behind the group when he apparently slipped and fell. No one knows exactly how he fell but a porter who was behind spotted his sprawled body beside the trail,” Suhaimy said.

He said the incident occurred near the Panar Laban rest house at the height of 3,270m of the 4,101m mountain.

”His body has been brought down to Ranau and we are waiting for the post mortem to be conducted, he said, adding that police did not suspect foul play as they believe it was a case of misadventure.

Masilau trail is second but tougher route to the mountain as compared to the more popularly used Summit Trail or South Ride Trail.

Accidental deaths among climbers on Mount Kinabalu is relatively rare though they have been a few incidents with the last reported incident occurring in Aug 2001 when a British teenager Ellie James lost her way and was found dead on the mountain nearly a week after she went missing.

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  1. adrian

    I heard about this but didn’t really see much in the news. I agree that Mt Kinabalu is just about the safest and easiest mountain to climb. Mainly because it is basically a hike, rather than a climb.

    I remember Ellie James. I followed that very closely, and finally had a chance to ask the guides and porters about how it happened. Poor girl.

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