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Discover How You Can Save MORE TIME And MONEY Preparing For Your Mount Kinabalu Climbing Adventure

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From: Ruhaizad Daud

Subject: Kinabalu Climber's Guide - 25 Timeless Blog Tips For More Fun
Climbing The Majestic Mountain Of Borneo

Dear Fellow Mount Kinabalu Climbers,

I have been writing about Mount Kinabalu climbing since 2006 for fun. With and Kinabalu Blog, I managed to share the message to online visitors on:

  • how to climb Mount Kinabalu from the start to finish
  • who to contact to get yourself a place to stay on the mountain
  • when to contact before the beds are fully occupied
  • what to bring for your trip to the highest peak of Borneo
  • which is the best trail to the summit to follow

Since then, thousands of climbers from around the world achieved their dreams conquering the highest peak in South East Asia with the website's free helpful tips, insider's guides and important information.

And now it's your dream too, right?

Unfortunately nowadays, the cost of Mount Kinabalu climbing is escalating...

=>...because you can NO MORE 'do it yourself' (DIY) your climbing package, omitting unnecessary expenses as I used to do it back in 2005.

=>...because other related cost to the climb has increased since 2008.

=>...because the accommodation providers for Mount Kinabalu climbers controls the climbing package prices as they wish since 2008.

Kinabalu Climber's GuideWhile you cannot save much from the climbing package, you  may have one simple solution. Learn how to prepare your Kinabalu climbing trip properly with this book.

So you can have a "peace of mind" before the adventurous journey of a lifetime!

I write the book...

=>...because I want to share with you my 25 timeless blog posts from Kinabalu Blog on how to get yourself prepared and organized before going for the strenuous climb.

=>...because you deserve to know things that will not be mentioned by your tour and travel operator (mostly) before your inaugural climb.

=>...because you can save more time and more money by following the suggestion in the book.

=>...because I know the 25 blog post will benefit you, as it has benefited thousand other climbers.

With the book, you will get to know more about:

Post #1: Kinabalu Park Headquarters Jungle Trail Map
Kinabalu Park HQ Trail MapI write this post...

=>...because I noticed that not all visitors to Mount Kinabalu are able to climb the majestic mountain due to health related problems or inability to get beds at Laban Rata.

=>...because you can still enjoy the flora and fauna that are abundant in Kinabalu Park Headquarters without the need to climb the mountain.

=>...because it's has numerous trails, which are very suitable for bird watchers and plant seekers.

#2: Weather issue: When is the best time to climb Mount Kinabalu?
I write this post...

=>...because you should know when is the best time to climb Mount Kinabalu.

=>...because you don't want to climb the mountain during wet and rainy season, as you may not be allowed to climb to the peak if weather is not permitting.

=>...because climbing the mountain in wet weather can be difficult, slippery and have slimmer chance to reach the peak.

#3: Ten Frequently Asked Questions on mountain guides
I write this post...

=>...because there were a lot of queries on them about their rates, their accommodations, their meals and their welfare by the climbers.

=>...because you need to know that your tour guide is not the same as your mountain guide.

=>...because all of them are very supportive of you while you are on the mountain trail.

=>...because you will not be allowed to climb the mountain WITHOUT a mountain guide.

#4: Ten ways to save your money while backpacking in Kota Kinabalu
I write this post...

=>...because there are a lot of backpackers lodge here in Kota Kinabalu town that you can stay with.

=>...because backpackers try to save their money as much as they can.

=>...because by saving some money, you can use it on other expenses of your trip.

#5: Five things you should taste before you leave Kinabalu
I write this post...

=>...because a lot of climbers wants to know what are the unique food and drinks when they come here in Sabah.

=>...because you may not find the food available on any other part of the world.

#6: Mount Kinabalu Climbing Tips for children
I write this post...

=>...because a lot of climbers who climbed Mount Kinabalu with their children were really concerned about their children's health.

=>...because climbing with children can be difficult, as children are more suseptible to Acute Mountain Sickness, a condition where your body is under extreme stress due to lack of oxygen in high altitude.

=>...because children tend to have more severe symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness compared to adults.

#7: Climbing Eastern Plateau of Mount Kinabalu
Eastern Plateau Trail of KinabaluI write this post...

=>...because there are other more adventurous trails on Mount Kinabalu, which are not as commercialize as The Mesilau and Summit Trails.

=>...because you can choose to experience more difficult trail if you think that Mesilau and Summit Trail is too easy.

=>...because a lot of hard core mountain climbers like to follow this unpopular routes to get to the eastern plateau of Kinabalu.

#8: Don't forget your travel medical insurance
I write this post...

=>...because you can be in difficult situation if you fall sick in a foreign land.

=>...because mountain climbing is considered as a risky activity, in which injury is sometimes are  unavoidable.

=>...because getting sick can sometime be really expensive.

#9: Air ambulance evacuation in emergency situation on the mountain
I write this post...

=>...because a lot of climbers asking whether there is any possibility of helicopter evacuation if accidents happened on Mount Kinabalu.

=>...because you don't have to worry too much on injured people evacuation, as the porters of Kinabalu has a simple and effective way of hoisting you down the mountain fast and safe.

=>...because using a helicopter can be expensive.

Mount Kinabalu porters hoisting injured climber

#10: Rhodiola rosea - Herbal remedy for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
I write this post...

=>...because Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a very common condition that you may experience when climbing Kinabalu.

=>...because you don't want AMS symptoms prevent you from reaching Low's Peak, the highest peak on Kinabalu.

=>...because you may want to avoid taking drugs which can have undesired side effects.

=>...because you should know what are the symptoms of AMS which are quite subtle for some climbers.

#11: Anti-malarial medication
I write this post...

=>...because you don't want to get malaria while spending your trip on this part of the world.

=>...because you may want to know the different types of drugs that you can choose for your prevention against malaria.

#12: Five medications you should have for your climbing trip
I write this post...

=>...because these are the regular over the counter drugs that are frequently use for most common illness that we have.

=>...because it's better for you to have these drugs prepared before you need it.

=>...because these drugs may alleviate the symptoms that could prevent you from reaching the highest peak in Borneo.

#13: First aid kit for your Kinabalu climbing
I write this post...

=>...because knowing what are the basic items inside the first aid kit is essential to your trip.

=>...because you don't want to pack unnecessary items inside your first aid kit which can add loads to your back pack.

=>...because your friend may need it while on the trail.

#14: How to treat blisters
I write this post...

=>...because blisters of your feet and hand can spoil your climbing trip.

=>...because it is the most common minor injuries that climbers can experience.

#15: Nine most common injuries for climbers of Kinabalu
I write this post...

=>...because if you know what are the injuries, you can prepare yourself in advance, physically and mentally.

=>...because these injuries can prevent you from continuing your climb up the mountain.

#16: Hiking pole and walking stick for your climb
Telescopic hiking pole. Notice my crocs?I write this post...

=>...because using a hiking pole for your climb will be a big help if you know which one to choose.

=>...because hiking pole can reduce the burden of your back pack on to your two legs.

=>...because you may want to buy and use two hiking poles if necessary.

#17: Flashlight for your climb
I write this post...

=>...because flashlight is an essential piece of equipment that you should have with you during your climbing trip on Mount Kinabalu.

=>...because you should know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either ordinary flashlight or headlight for the climb.

=>...because you are going to use it during your second phase of the climb, in which it will be pitch dark.

What Others Have to Say About The Book

"You can read it while in bed, on the porch of a chalet, while having coffee at the cafe or even while in the toilet!"Kay Kastum

I found out about the Kinabalu Blog managed by Drizad when I started blogging a couple of years back. It was interesting to find out so many info about the hows and whats of climbing Mount Kinabalu. I heard about the legendary porters of Kinabalu but when I saw the actual photos of them carrying plastic water tanks, timbres and cooking gas tanks, I was more than amazed.

The funny thing is, there were many sites that provides info on Kinabalu but they were too general or most of it were talking about their experience rather than an actual step by step guide to ensure you are prepared in terms of what to expect and what to bring or how much you should bring (money or equipments). Kinabalu Blog is almost like a one stop place for all your Kinabalu climb info.

The book covers most of what Kinabalu Blog has covered before but there are other extra infos added in as well. And there’s a big difference between reading something online and having a physical book to carry around and refer to anytime you want. You can read it while in bed, on the porch of a chalet, while having coffee at at the cafe or even while in the toilet!

I would highly recommend this book and it will be really meaningful. Who else is better to share info about Kinabalu than another climber who have experienced it all, married to a Sabahan Rungus local and knows exactly what he is talking about. I am going to climb Kinabalu, definitely!

Kay Kastum
Lifedemo Music Blog

"There's a lot of information inside the book that can help you prepare yourself mentally and physically..."

Roslan OsmanOverall, this book is great! It can be used as a guide book for those who wants to climb Mount Kinabalu for the first time.

Kinabalu Climber's Guide explains all the preparation details before Mount Kinabalu climbing, of the matters not previously thought by  climbers to all the matters that should be known to all climbers.

There are a lot of information inside the book that can help you prepare yourself mentally and physically before climbing the majestic mountain of Borneo.

It is a very interesting book for me!

  Roslan Osman
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#18: Climbing gloves for your climb
I write this post...

=>...because gloves is another essential item for your climb.

=>...because choosing the right gloves can make your trip more enjoyable.

=>...because you are going to hold a guide rope and rocks while scrambling up the Rockface during the second phase of the climb.

#19: Altimeter watch buying guide for your climbing trip
I write this post...

=>...because you need to know what are the feature that makes a good altimeter watch.

=>...because altimeter watch can show you the ground height where you stand above sea level.

=>...because altimeter watch is a must for you if you are a hard core climber and a gadget freak at the same time.

#20: How to choose a climbing backpack for your trip
I write this post...

=>...because choosing the right backpack for yourself is all about choosing a back that fits your need.

=>...because you don't want to lug unnecessary weight with you up the mountain as it can really make your journey difficult.

=>...because there's a lot of backpack types, sizes and style, and you want the best that suits your need.


#21: How to choose a good hiking sandals for your trip
I write this post...

=>...because you can actually wear sandals during your trip up, provided that you know how to choose the right sandals for your foot.

=>...because choosing the wrong sandals can leads to injury to your foot.

=>...because you may want to choose a sandal that is all rounder - suitable for hiking and suitable for watersport.

#22: Mount Kinabalu Climbathon - A Skyrunner's miniguide
I write this post...

=>...because some climbers want to participate in the world's toughest mountain race.

=>...because the guide is essential for those who really want to push their limit to take part in this annual event.

=>...because you can also refer to what are their need as a professional mountain runner compared to you as a casual mountain climber.

#23: Mount Kinabalu via ferrata adventure FAQs
I write this post...

=>...because via ferrata is the latest added adventure on Mount Kinabalu.

=>...because you may want to get the thrill walking on the Asia's first and highest via ferrata in the world!

=>...because this is maybe the ONLY reason for you to come back on the mountain if you have climbed the normal route up the mountain before.

Mount Kinabalu via ferrata adventure

#24: Five provided pieces of equipment for your via ferrata adventure
I write this post...

=>...because via ferrata is a different kind of adventure, following a diferent detour trail and needed extra safety equipment for you to do.

=>...because Mountain Torq do not want you to bring your own equipment, as it can add weight on your backpack while climbing.

=>...because these five safety equipment will make yourself safe and comfortable walking the via ferrata trail.

#25: Mountain Torq via ferrata trip preparation notes
I write this post...

=>...because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

=>...because Mountain Torq listed 15 essential items that you should bring for your adventure.

=>...because for via ferrata adventure with Mountain Torq, you will stay in Pendant Hut, new hut on the mountain.

You may want to see the book preview here:

By having this book, you will SAVE:

=>...MORE TIME as you don't have to surf and search Google for additional information on Mount Kinabalu climbing, as this is the ultimate guide for Kinabalu climbers. It's like a one-stop-center of information for aspiring climbers like you!

=>...MORE MONEY as you can now start preparing, organizing and planning you climbing trip early, so your trip to the highest peak in South East Asia will not burn another hole in your pocket.

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Here's to Your Success,

Ruhaizad Daud
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