Climbing Package Request

Update 14th December 2016:

Good news climbers! We now have collaborated with one of the best tour operator in KK to give you guaranteed 3D2N slot for next year’s 2017 climbing dates.


🗻9th – 11th February 2017 – 4 slots available!

Please directly contact us for more info on the dates provided.

Available itinerary: January 2017

🗻 4th to 6th January
🗻 5th to 8th January
🗻 11th to 13th January
🗻 12th to 14th January
🗻 18th to 20th January
🗻 19th to 21st January
🗻 25th to 27th January
🗻 26th to 28th January

First come first serve.

Accommodation in the Laban Rata area consists of :-

1) Laban Rata Resthouse – With Room Heater, bunk-bed sharing basis.

2) Gunting Lagadan Hut – Without Room Heater, bunk-bed sharing basis.

3) Panar Laban Hut – Without Room Heater, bunk-bed sharing basis.

4) Waras hut – Without Room Heater, bunk-bed sharing basis.

We used to help most of our online visitors to book for non-bundled accommodations, but we feel sorry that we are not able to do so, from this moment onwards, due to the rectification done by SSL.

All of the accommodations are now being bundled into package style, that means, all of the accommodation will appear as a 3 Days 2 Nights package, meals will be included. 2 Days 1 Night package is still available, bundled with meals, but then they are only going to allot very small percentage of the accommodation for 2 Days 1 Night package. In another words, it is not easy to get a 2D1N package, compare to the 3D2N package or some other bigger package.

We are sorry for any inconveniences caused. We have no choices other than following the trend. Thanks for your understanding on our situation.

Packages available:

  1. 2D1N Kinabalu Summit via Timpohon Gate
  2. 3D2N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit via Timpohon Gate
  3. 4D3N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit / Sutera Pacific via Timpohon Gate

Via Ferrata Packages

  1. Low’s Peak Circuit
  2. Preamble Package
  3. Walk The Torq