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This booking pages will consist 5 climbing packages that has been prepared by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

Please feel free to browse and book yourself a package.

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  1. I think a promotion of Secondary Students Package should be make to let Sabah students to get a chance to know Sabah most famous tourism spot better… And the fee… Isn’t a bit expensive? Common secondary students salary doesn’t even reaches RM 50 sometimes… and they have to affort their trips if their parents not really rich… So I looking forward for the coming day where all Sabah people not describe as a nuts because never reach a step in their own famous tourism place. Because if so, then is meaningless, which is a tool does not suit it’s owner. It will be a national joke if Malaysian never even travel and understand their own nation or geography. I hope for yours reply. Thank you.

  2. Hi, gud am.

    I would like to acquire the information on mount kinabalu climbing. i had called your personnel but yet to receive any info via email on this..but anyway hope to get it as soon as possible.

    Our plan is around 2-4 people, somewhere around end of May’10 to early June’10 if it is possible.

    Is there any other team that we might able to be filled or join in to occupy a team or package?

    Your kind reply is appreciated. TQ 🙂

  3. We are two people looking for 2D1N paggage somewhere between 1.7-7.7.2010 Preferable dates are 6.7 or 7.7. Do you have any paggage available and how much is it? I tried to contact through booking but it didn’t work for some reason. Thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I will be bringing a group of Singaporeans to Mt K in March 2011.

    I have a few questions to ask:

    1. Can I book Laban Rata now for March 2011?

    2. Is there a rule that says I have to book accommodation within Kinabalu park on the day before the climb if I want to book early for Laban Rata?

    3. Can I book Kinabalu Rose Cabin, which is outside the Kinabalu park, for the 1st day if I want to book early for Laban Rata?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    My family and I (10 persons) plan to travel to Kota Kinabalu on May 21-26, 2011. 6 of us plan to climb Mt. Kinabalu while 4 won’t. Can you advise us on how we should go about it and have activities for all of us as well as those who won’t be climbing? We will be arriving on the night of May 21st.

    I tried searching the web but found out that it is only Sutera Lodges that has accommodations inside the park (rates are quite expensive we are travelling on budget). Does this mean we have to book accommodation with Sutera otherwise we cannot climb?



  6. What is the price for the package 3D2N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit via Timpohon Gate and 4D3N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit / Sutera Pacific via Timpohon Gate?

  7. We are a group of 6 persons looking for 3D2N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit via Mesilau Gate between 14/03/2010 until 16/03/2010. We are vegetarian and can you provide us vegetarian food for this 3 days? Please let me know the package’s charges for our group. I did tried to search from your web page regarding the charges but can’t find it at all.

  8. We are 2 – 3 people looking for 2D1N package or 5D4N somewhere between 27.7-31.7.2011.

    Do you have any packages available and how much is it?

    What is the different from Timpohon Gate and Mesilau Gate?

  9. We are here two people looking for 2D1N packages somewhere between 14th-16th June 2011, . Do you have any packages available and how much is it?Please contact me by e-mail. Thank you.

  10. I am looking to book a climbing trip end of May, around 28th – 31st May. Could you mail me the details? Cost per head and any other information would be deeply appreciated. Most probably we will be in group of ten people. Thanks.

  11. Mr Drizad, have sent you an email asking about KNP3D-T package price for two people. Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. I have a group of 8 people who are interested in the 2D1N Kinabalu climb package. Our preferred dates are 6-7 Aug 2011, or 27-28 Aug 2011. Please advise accommodation (LabanRata) availability for the dates, as well as the price of the 2D1N climb package. Thanks!

  13. hye..i am the one of fire brigade student from UiTM Sarawak…we want to around Oktober

  14. hye i am the one of UiTM Sarawak fire brigade. We are desire to climb Kinabalu Mount on Oktober 2011. my question is, how much we need to pay for the 4D3N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit / Sutera Pacific via Timpohon Gate package? we are going to climb by a group with 25 amount of people. And my last question is are we are too late too make a booking arragement for those package and it is good for us to climb on the Oktober 2011. I hope that u can answer our question as soon as possible for the arrangement..e-mail me at kasih_lea91@yahoo.com. Thank You..

  15. Hi everyone,

    I am a solo traveler, wish to join others/group on the 17th july to climb Mt Kinabalu. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

  16. Hi,
    I sent an email the other day regarding the different prices for your 2D1N Kinabalu Summit and 3D2N Mesilau trail. My friend and I are are planning to do the climb 2/3 August.
    Also, I have read that the rules have now changed and it is now a requirement to stay 1 night in Park HQ and 1 night Laban Rata. Is this correct?
    Any information would be much appreciated.
    Thank You

  17. Hi;

    We are 2 people looking for 2D1N package (if its possible a via ferrata package) or 3D2N somewhere between 27.07 – 3.08.2011.
    Do you have any packages available and how much is it?
    What is the different from Timpohon Gate and Mesilau Gate?
    Please contact me by e-mail. Thank you.

  18. It’s a shame but unfortunately typical for Malaysia, that a system that worked so wonderfully (I’ve booked Mount Kinabalu, Hot Springs and Manukan Islands accommodations in Feb 2003 for June 2003 trip all online and without having to spend hours and hours trying to get relevant information on accommodation details and prices).

    Though your website states the packages there is no price stated at all, only a “book now” link. Why would I go and book something, I’m not even told the price ? Why can’t you state the prices so everyone knows rather than asking each and everyone to send you a personal e-mail, which sounds rather fishy to me.
    Sutra harbour website seems to only cater for those who have no clue about Malaysian service and fair pricing – for a 3D/2N package the price tag is a whooping RM 3000 !!!!!!
    They’ve got to be kidding.

    Hope you have some reasonable explanation and practical advise. And maybe you can let me know where I can find the prices for the packages. I would like to provide my overseas visitors an accurate and fair feedback so they can decide whether or not the lure of climbing Malaysia’s highest Mountain is greater than making a stand against supporting cronism.

    thank you.

  19. Hi,

    We are a group of 8-10 person. We would like to know about the package for 3D2N climbing Mount KK package via Mesilau. The date is around March 2012 from Kuala Lumpur.
    Could you email me the details including the cost? Thank you very much.

  20. I would like to book two people looking for 2D1N package for climbing Mt Kinabalu between 25 Kan to 26 Jan. Do you have any package available and how much is it? please reply it through email. i tried to book though the loeges but it only offered 3D2N package

  21. May I know how much is the room rate Panar Laban for 6 ppl on 20 June 2014. Prefer the cheapest.
    Thanks for your kind reply.

  22. yes, indeed we were like fniylg’ down to timpohon esp.after you had change to your slippers n coz maybe the 3 aunties went far ahead of us and this really motivates us to hike down faster 🙂

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