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Borneo Books - Borneo's Best Bookshop?

A suitable place to hang out - for travelers like you!

Imagine this situation: You came to Sabah with your family - your wife, your son and your daughter - planned to climb Mount Kinabalu for your family adventure vacation. You arrive in Kota Kinabalu city a few days earlier (because you want to get use to the place, the weather and the food around) and stay in a nice travelers/backpackers lodge in the center of Kota Kinabalu city.

You also run a website and travelogues about your family adventure travel and need to update it with your notebook that you bring with you anywhere around the world. Your son have a blogsite - a personalize web page for him to tell everybody around the Internet - almost anything about your family adventure journey.

Borneo BooksYour wife have a different interest - local people handicraft - anywhere around the world where she travel. And lastly, your daughter really love to read - just about anything especially books about the place where she travel.

You are wondering: Is there a suitable place for us to hang out together before we climb Mount Kinabalu? A place like a 'one stop center' for all our needs? Well, do not worry. There is a place very suitable for you and your family, or even for a solo traveler - Borneo Books 2 - a kind of modern bookstore that could fulfill all the above needs.

Borneo BooksBorneo Books 2, is situated in Wisma Merdeka, a shopping mall in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city. It is just a walking distance away from most of the travelers and backpackers lodge around town. One of the most surprising aspects or Borneo Books 2 (once you have found it tucked away in a corner past a Korean snack bar on the second floor of the first phase of Wisma Merdeka) is how spacious and light is.

The bookstore have "home in the city concept", offering much more than a wide selection of specialist book. Visitors like you and your family members can:

Borneo BooksAs you enter you are silently greeted by a very tall, somewhat enigmatic stone carving of a head. To your right are several ranks of bookshelves, the walls hung with paintings or photos, while to the left is a comfortable seating area with a coffee table and free coffee or tea available as you relax and browse through a range of interesting magazines, scientific papers, tourism literature and so forth. The large windows look across Jalan Tun Razak towards the lush green of Signal Hill, making it very easy to linger here much longer than you intended.

A quick glance at the shelves of Borneo Books 2 will probably leave you amazed that there have been so many books published on aspects of Borneo (as well as other parts of Malaysia and Asia). Among the many topics are natural history, architecture, culture, cuisine, gardening, history and exploration. You can find a magnificent book on the history of Malaysia as seen through around a century of photographs or buy a specialized book on orchids, check out a guide book for your next holiday or choose a beautifully illustrated children's book. Want to learn about the history and cultural significance of Borneo beads, read about sustainable forest management or decide upon a gorgeously photographed Southeast Asian cookbook? They're all there - and more - at Borneo Books 2.

Borneo BooksIf you're in the mood for fiction, you'll find quality literature including the latest novels, biographies and English classics. But that is not all; you can choose from an increasingly diverse selection of second-hand books. This service is already a hit with visitors to Sabah, who can trade in their books for new reading material. It also offers residents the chance to buy second-hand book for a modest sum, then receive a partial refund when they return it and take out another selection of books.  The second-hand books at Borneo Books 2 include some rare old books and collectors' pieces too - perhaps a first for Sabah and Sarawak.

Borneo BooksBut why the two in Borneo Books 2? The first Borneo Books was started in 1999 by Ms Rosalind Tsang, who also runs a craft shop on the ground floor of Wisma Merdeka. The collection at the first Borneo Books kept expanding and when the need for larger premises became inevitable, the idea of offering more than just a regular book shop was put forward by British consultant, Dr Stephen Sutton. Thus Ms Tsang's Borneo Books 2 was born, and reflects Dr Sutton's passion for all things Bornean, particularly environment. This is not surprising since Dr Sutton was involved with the Royal Society's research projects in the Danum Valley Conservation Area from 1998 until 2000.

Be sure to check it out while you are in Kota Kinabalu!

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