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Mount Kinabalu Climbing Preparations

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Up to now, you have ease yourself in a good place to stay, have a good night sleep and have tried the best delicious seafood in Kota Kinabalu. But before you jump into the taxi first thing in the morning to go to Kinabalu Park HQ, there are few more important things that you have to do.

It is advisable for you to read this page carefully first, because it will make your climb easier and more enjoyable. It may also save you some  time and money too. The two most important things that you have to do before you go to Kinabalu Park HQ are accommodation and fees and equipment preparation.

This guideline is for climbers who plan to climb from Timpohon Gate (Summit Trail). If this is your first climb, it is advisable for you to follow this trail. Climbing from Mesilau Trail will be explained on  Mesilau Trail page.

With increasing popularity and accessibility of the park, accommodation can become booked up well in advance at certain time of year, so it is important to book well ahead of time. For a proper appreciation of your climb, it is essentialor you to spend 3 days and 2 nights at the mountain.

The main concern about the stay during the climb is that for both of the nights  that you have, you will have to spend it on a different place and at a different altitude level. You have to stay in Kinabalu Park HQ on the first night and Laban Rata on the second night.

Kinabalu Park HQ is the usual place where you would start you climbing journey. It is the place for registration, get your guide and porter (if necessary) and also the place for you to stay for the first night.

Sabah Park, the Kinabalu Park authorities will be responsible for all the things that is concerning the climbing. goo is responsible for your stay during the climb.

So, the first thing you have to do now is try to make reservations for your stay on the first night at Kinabalu Park HQ with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. They have various type of accommodations from a 28 bedded hostel to an exclusive lodge for you to choose. Most of the climber choose the hostel because it is cheap and usually they will only stay there for only one night. You will start your climb on the next morning.

The next thing that you have do is to book a place in Laban Rata, a place for you to stay on the second night. There are also various types of accommodations in Panar Laban for you to choose. Because of the limited availability, heated rooms is only available at Laban Rata Resthouse. You will start the next continuation of your climb (Summit Trail (night climb)) to the summit early on the next morning. You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have a place to stay in Laban Rata. You are not allowed to camp there.

You do not have to worry about your meals here as there are restaurants in Kinabalu Park and Laban Rata. However, the price is a bit expensive compared to normal meals anywhere else. So, most of the climbers bring along their own food. Instant mee, instant coffee, tuna, bread and chocolate is the usual things that they bring.

Now, please browse through Sutera Sanctuary Lodges website and book your accommodation there. They are the only accommodation operator that is authorized by Sabah Park in Mount Kinabalu.


          This is the part that most of the climbers do not know. Apart from having a place to sleep and rest during the climb, you would also have to pay fees to Kinabalu Park authorities, Sabah Park. It is usually not included with the accommodation fees.


   Malaysian: Non-Malaysian:
Adult:   RM 3.00 per person RM 15.00 per person
Below 18 years RM 1.00 per person RM 10.00 per person

MOUNTAIN GUIDE FEE (Timpohon Gate / Peak / Timpohon Gate)

1-3 Climbers - RM70.00 per trip
4-6 Climbers - RM74.00 per trip
7-8 Climbers - RM80.00 per trip

MOUNTAIN GUIDE FEE (Timpohon / Peak / Mesilau Trail)
* Starting and ending at different point

1-3 Climbers - RM80.00 per trip
4-6 Climbers - RM86.00 per trip
7-8 Climbers - RM92.00 per trip

MOUNTAIN GUIDE FEE (Mesilau Trail / Peak / Mesilau Trail)

1-3 Climbers - RM84.00 per trip
4-6 Climbers - RM90.00 per trip
7-8 Climbers - RM100.00 per trip


  Malaysian:     Non-Malaysian:
Adult:   RM 30.00 per person RM 100.00 per person
Below 18 years RM 12.00 per person       RM 40.00 per person

RM7.00 per person

RM 10.00 per person

* Mesilau Trail / Timpohon Gate
  To Laban Rata  - RM76.00 / trip (10 Kg)
  To Sayat-Sayat - RM88.00 per trip (10 Kg)
  To Summit        - RM100.00 per trip (10 Kg)

* Timpohon Gate / Timpohon Gate
  To Laban Rata  - RM66.00 per trip (10 Kg)
  To Sayat-Sayat - RM80.00 per trip (10 Kg)
  To Summit        - RM88.00 per trip (10 Kg)

* Mesilau Trail / Mesilau Trail
  To Laban Rata  - RM88.00 / trip (10 Kg)
  To Sayat-Sayat - RM100.00 per trip (10 Kg)
  To Summit        - RM110.00 per trip (10 Kg)

5 persons & below         RM 30.00 per way

6 persons & above         RM 8.00 per pax return

Note: The above information provided by Sabah Park.
Sabah Park

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