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Mount Kinabalu Borneo

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Mount Kinabalu 3D2N Climbing Package Comparison

The information on this page is outdated. Since January 2008, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges has changed their climbing policy, in which you cannot DIY your climbing package anymore. You have to book their package. Otherwise you will not be allowed to climb. Please contact me directly here for the booking.

I am putting this page here for educational purposes only.

Now that you have decided to come to Sabah and conquer Mount Kinabalu, you will be shown the options around the internet on the best climbing packages around. All of the packages stated on this page are organized by a recognized tour operator, and currently we are not involve on any of them.

We only provide the information, saving you time from searching around the internet looking for the best package. You can now do some homework - with all the information given throughout this website and the table given below - to plan your journey properly to the summit of Borneo.

The table shows you the selections for 3D2N climbing package, with their tour operator, the price and the package that you will get with the money you pay. Choose the one that suits you. Contact them directly if you need any queries and confirmation.

If you are really on a very tight budget or you do not like to follow a tour operator, what you can do is: Only book a place to stay in Kinabalu Park HQ for the first night and Laban Rata for the second night of the climb from Sutera Sanctuary Lodge. You can save some cash from the tours and transfer and meals. For everything else - you have to DIY.

3d2n package comparison
* - information not available, check out their website for clarification
2B-2 breakfast, P.L-packed lunch, 2L-2 lunch, 2D-2 dinner, EB-early breakfast
The above data is correct on the date this table was produce, 1 May 2006.
If you are one of the above named operator, and would like to update your tour package, please drop me an email.

Please note:
  1. The above tour is subject to availability of climbing permits, which are limited as not to create too much negative impact on the unique nature of Malaysia's first World Heritage Site;
  2. Since climbing Mount Kinabalu is just about the most popular tour package in Sabah, we highly recommend that you make your availability enquiry at least three months in advance.
  3. Allow 24 - 48 hours before your availability inquiry is confirmed. If alternate dates or accommodation are given it is because there is no other choice.
  4. Availability confirmations for climbing Mount Kinabalu are strictly valid for 24 hours only, after which the provisional booking with Sabah Parks is automatically released.
  5. We are not responsible for any cancellation or difficulties during you trip with the above travel operator. We only provide the information.
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Home » 3D2N Package Comparison

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