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The Best and Recommended Companion Guides around!

If you answer yes on one of the questions above, then you should have these recommended travel companions below. These are the 4 best travel companion that you can have if you planned to come to Sabah and climb Mount Kinabalu. It is better for you to have it before you come to Sabah, because you might find some difficulty finding it in local bookstore.

It is a very useful travel companion as most of the content will guide and show you 'how, where and what' about Borneo, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu and Mount Kinabalu. As it very lightweight, you could even bring it up to the mountain and read it at your free time at Laban Rata.

Kinabalu Park (Globetrotter Visitor's Guides)

Kinabalu ParkA comprehensive and practical guide for any local or international visitor to Kinabalu Park, an increasingly popular eco-tourism destination in Sabah, eastern Malaysia. One of the most accessible and spectacular mountains in the world, Kinabalu is also one of the highest in South East Asia.

The park is a mecca of biodiversity, containing more than 5000 species of plants and a wealth of birds, mammals and other animals. Visitor attractions include hiking trails, hot springs, a canopy walkway and a two-day ascent of the summit itself. This guide is both an introduction to Kinabalu and a companion guide for the visitor. It describes all the park's wildlife and plantlife -including a full bird checklist - and has essential practical information on access, accommodation and facilities. Accounts of the park's trails and climbs are each accompanied by individual route maps.

Sabah Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)

Sabah Insight Pocket GuideThis 98-page book offers an expert's guide to Sabah, with 14 itineraries and excursions taking in the country's highlights for visitors, ranging from fresh fern tips and porcelain tea cups in Kota Kinabalu's market to peaceful empty beaches on Pulau Mamutik.

It also includes a chapter detailing Sabah's history and culture, as well as leisure-time suggestions and a comprehensive information section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. And dozens of full-colour photographs and maps, including a detailed pull-out regional map.

Altitude Illness: Prevention and Treatment (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)

Altitude IllnessReviewer: lawyeraau from Flushing, NY United States
This is a wonderful, well written and well organized little book, sized to travel with its owner. It fits easily into one's pocket for easy access. It provides valuable information at one's fingertips. One should read this book before climbing or trekking above 7,000 feet (2,000 meters). It could save one's life.

The book is chock full of valuable information, and everything is explained in laymen's language. It explains what altitude sickness is, so that one may recognize its presence, and advises the reader on how to prevent it. It also provides treatment information for the various types of altitude illnesses to which one may fall prey.

This is a must have book for anyone who wants to stay healthy while scaling new heights. If one should think that this book is unnecessary, one need only pause to reflect upon the dedication found on the flyleaf of the book, "To those who died of altitude sickness". Enough said!

Borneo (Footprint Handbooks)

BorneoThe vast, jungle-covered island of Borneo, the third largest in the world, has always held a fascination for Western travellers. This was where head-hunters ran wild and which, according to romantic myth, was rich in gold and diamonds. Today's attractions are of a different kind: trekking through pristine national parks; whitewater rafting on tropical rivers; and some of the very best dive sites in the world.

This new addition to the acclaimed Footprint stable is up-to-date and packed with information and recommendations of where to stay and eat, places to visit and how to get around, as well as a comprehensive background section to help you understand the island's rich and diverse culture.

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