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Kinabalu eMiniMall

With the help from Chitika, I manage to build a shopping page, exclusively for Mount Kinabalu visitors. This page, so called eMiniMall, is a page where you can go shopping for the apparel and equipment before your trip to Mount Kinabalu. Or, any backpacking trip around the world.

How to use this eMiniMall

  • I have divided this shopping mall to 6 categories, from head to toe, according to the apparel and equipment that you need for the trip.
  • For each category, there will be one suggested item from Chitika eMiniMalls.
  • If you feel that the item is not suitable for you, hover your mouse cursor on the 'Search' button, and type anything that you think is appropriate.
  • For each category, I also have list out the most common seach term that other people use to browse the mall.
  • You will then be suggested with the item on the box without leaving this website.
  • If you agree, by clicking the link given, you will be directed to the respective website, which responsible for your item and order.
  • I will not be dealing with you on the item. This is a service by a third party provider that I trust.
  • Last but not least, happy online shopping!
Kumuka Worldwide Asian Adventures

For your HEAD

Try also this search term: climbing hat, climbing cap, hiking headlamp, mountaineering headlamp, trekking headlamp, backpacking headlight, balaclava mask, hiking hat, trekking hat.


Try also this search term: fleece jacket, climbing jacket, hiking jacket, mountaineering jacket, trekking jacket, hiking t-shirt, cotton t-shirt, hiking raincoat, trekking raincoat, rain shell. Add 'men' or 'women' to narrow down your search.


Try also this search term: cargo pant, zip-off trouser, trekking pant, hiking pant, hiking bermuda, zip-off pant, mountaineering pant, climbing pant, cargo slack. Add 'men' or 'women' to narrow down your search.

For your FOOT

Try also this search term: hiking shoe, trekking shoe, mountaineering shoe, open toe sandal, cotton socks, trekking socks, hiking boots, trekking boots, mountaineering boots.

For your LUGGAGE

Try also this search term: moutaineering backpack, trekking backpack, hiking backpack, hiking knapsack, hiking waist pack, trekking waist pack, waist pouch, waist pack.


Try also this search term: trekking water bottle, insect repellant, flashlight, hiking pole, trekking pole, altitude watch, water proof glove, first aid kit, torchlight.

All of the above items are provided by third party online store. By shopping here, a portion of your purchase will be channeled to maintain this website.

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