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Mount Kinabalu Borneo

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Mount Kinabalu Climbing Photos

The photo on this page is taken during my several times of climbing, and it was taken using a conventional camera (I do not have a digital camera back then). The person that you will see mostly is my wife and my niece. Although the photo is not that nice, it is just a preview of what you will be able to see during your climb there.
         It is not the person inside the photo is important, it is you. Just imagine that the person inside the photo is you. And, maybe with your loved ones. That will make it more meaningful.

Summit Trail of Kinabalu

Sunrise from Low's Peak

The wishing pond

The Summit Plateau

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs

The rope Do you notice that I did not show any picture of us on Low's Peak? That is because YOU just need to be there!

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Home » Climbing Photos

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